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I live off the grid no running water no electricity this is by choice not by necessity I hunt and gather and fish for food I grow organic vegetables and my first life I was a landscape designer my second life I was an IT director my third life I do a little bit of everything from carpentry to stone mason and farmer I also play music as a bass guitar player in a fusion jazz rock band

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another day pissed many before..digest the happenings..the events...most everything is past tense..tension and worry..hatred and fury..hurry please hurry..there is no time..the day ..the day has certainly waxed away..burning is always....

by Datakon

added by Datakon
3 years ago

In vein

The day


found love
its lost
saw winter
saw sun
had a little fun

Had love
Lost love
even made love

in vien

its plane to see
the day
the way
is simple to me

by Datakon

added by Datakon
3 years ago


don't feel
don't know real

the days go by
some are true
just burn
like a flame

are insane
I'm iin pain

whats the gain
another day
thats what

another day

so to tommorrow

by Datakon

added by Datakon
3 years ago

Self Destruct

You cant get involved
with someones self destruction
saving and changing
is up to one

the one who holds
carries the pain
the one who holds
self blame.

you can talk and say
state.many claims
only the one
can change
these negative things

by Datakon

added by Datakon
3 years ago


Finality of people
the end of things
experienced and proclaimed
many feelings and
thoughts explained
wont complain
Just plain and simple
The end of things
and no more of me
will you see
No more from me
will you hear
 Not a word or a sound
Nor ...

by Datakon

added by Datakon
3 years ago

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