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The voice, the bird and I

I pilled my sins to a great big mount, upon the top I lost the count

Atop the mount a voice did say, now pile it higher and live each day

A glass of wine, a thrust of lust, a smoke then followed, his words I...

by Hussein A. Rahim

added by husseinrahim
7 months ago

The devil's oarsman

Upon the podium the fool does speak
and cheering crowds to him they greet

His eyes shine with a twinkle
and his words are more than sweet

The cheering crowd roars his name
and they all clap to the beat

The fool does know within his soul,...

by Hussein A. Rahim

added by husseinrahim
7 months ago

The herald

To arms, to arms cried the herald as he ran across the town
Together my kin, we shall begin to bring that dark throne down

Behold the wicked have gather their horde, they march on you and me
So gather for them from far and from wide, of the...

by Hussein A. Rahim

added by husseinrahim
7 months ago

Reply toTruckfest 2022

The trucks did then come, with a honk and a drum
and the coward ran away

Forget your scary syringe, our kids cry and cringe
so the guilty all must pay

We trust in God's fate not your unholy mandate, no matter what you say

So tell all the...

by Hussein A. Rahim

added by husseinrahim
7 months ago

Alone in the night

Alone in the night, my love out of sight, but the stars above twinkle and the moon does shine bright

And during the day, I shovel the hay
the days flash by fast, for salvation I pray

Care not for this time, it's pain and it's crime,

by Hussein A. Rahim

added by husseinrahim
7 months ago

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7 months ago

Amen to that my brother Amen, we pray that we shall win,
for time is short, for the heavenly court shall judge the man of sin

For judgment is near, for us it is clear, and the Lord shall thus provide,
safety for his faithful, the rest will run and hide 

7 months ago

It falls on deaf ears, your calls and your pleas
the lost will go on their way

Despite what is right, in front of God's sight
the devil calls the play

So sister of faith, you are indeed safe, for your words do so express
and so then we pray, before the final call, that we escape this mess 

7 months ago

Very good Mr.Walters, bravo.

8 months ago

For none have known love for on or another,
as deep as that known for a child by it's mother


8 months ago

Good work Audra, cheers.

8 months ago

Hello to the fellow poets and admirers of poetry. New member here, just figuring out the ins and outs of the site. Very eager to read this month's entries to the contest. Glanced over last month's winners, good work I must say.
Anyway wanted to say hello and wish everyone good fortune and health. 

8 months ago


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