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***DO BE WARNED THAT MY POETRY CONSISTS OF HEAVY TOPICS SUCH AS S**UAL ASSAULT, MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES SUCH AS DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, AND PTSD, AND SELF-INJURY AND SU!C!DE. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK AND BE SAFE*** Hey, I'm just an anxious and depressed 21-year-old girl with a talent for writing somehow. I started to write cringy short stories when I was 12, and then I got into poetry. I think I've written about 600 poems since I started, and I'm proud of most of them.

  January 2022     17 days ago

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The Love of a Mother

A few clouds rolled in,
dark on the horizon.
But I wasn’t scared,
because you light up my life.
You are my sun,
shining brightly.
You drive the clouds away
and bring joy and warmth
to the sadness and cold.
Even in darkness,

by Gracie Miller

added 17 days ago
The Love of a Grandmother

This little heart of mine loves you
more with each day passing.
I’m overflowing with joy;
I cannot possibly contain
the sheer amount of love
I have for you.
Your hugs are the best,
your smile is the brightest,
and your laugh is the...

by Gracie Miller

added 17 days ago
More Ways Than One (TW for self-injury)

I’ve been finding
New ways
And it’s scaring me
So much,
For I can harm myself
In more ways than
I ever knew before;
I’m so afraid
Of myself now.
These new ways
To hurt
Are scaring me
So bad
Because I don’t know
How to contain...

by Gracie Miller

added 2 years ago
With Each Lash (MAJOR TW for self-injury)

I drive away
The pain
With every stroke
Of my
Soothing instrument;
I comfort my misery
With each time
I drag that
Coping skill
Across my waiting skin.
I satisfy my hunger
For blood
With every time
I score that
Gleaming object

by Gracie Miller

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added 2 years ago
Forgetting Me (TW for mention of su!c!de)

The me I once knew
Is gone,
Betrayed by the world,
So she left the earth
To take her place
In the sky.
The me I once knew
Is empty,
For others stole her heart
And gave it back
With pieces missing
And showing the darkness
That was...

by Gracie Miller

added 2 years ago

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thank you for your kind words. Yes, unfortunately, these are my own thoughts. This poem was written in 2017, when I was going through a family crisis, but the feelings from this poem are still present today. 

1 year ago

I’ve been reading your poems and your way with words is absolutely astounding. I love your writing style and the pictures you create.

1 year ago

I wrote most of these poems that I’m posting 4 or 5 years ago. I was in a very very bad place then. I’m still not completely better since then, but I’m definitely better than I was back then. Thank you for voting on my poems and thank you for your concern. Take care 

2 years ago


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