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my love for you is so deep i don't think it will ever go away no matter how hard i try to avoid you and move on and try to look for someone else new it will never replace me and you my heart was already poured out to you an...

by Mommy

added by sabrinalee71
3 months ago


mommy i will always love you no matter how cruel you are to me i will always forgive you so you don't have to worry about me holding grudges on you cause that is against my religion that is like cancer eatting me up from the insides...

by Mommy

added by sabrinalee71
3 months ago

What God Has In stored for you

its never to late to get yourself straight because god never hesitate he will always be waiting patiently til you decide to make up your diligent mind and ask him to come in and wash away your sin so you can have a clear mind ...

by Mommy

added by sabrinalee71
3 months ago

Mother loves you no matter what

i am here for you no matter what you do we all make mistakes and have to learn from it and i still love you no matter how much it hurts i have to let you go and let you find your way to happiness and if you come back to me it was meant t...

by Mommy

added by sabrinalee71
3 months ago

mommy" little Angel

mommy i love you please don"t hurt me it took nine months to make me you know its a sin to kill me i promise if you let me live to i wont hold that against you i will just move on and dream about wonderland and visiting Disney...

by Mommy " Little Angel

added by sabrinalee71
3 months ago

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