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  July 2021     11 months ago

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Encouragement is better than punishment

Encouragement is better than punishment which is my philosophy.
Kind words do more than harsh ones; as kind words they've always work wonders for me.
Taking little steps are much greater, than taking a leap or a stride.
Being rushed you see is...

by Nicola Baxter

added 1 year ago

All I need is a little peace
And for the wining to cease
To be able to sit on the toilet seat
Without prying eyes at my...

by Nicola Baxter

added 2 years ago
5G: Beyond Insanity

Ultra-High Frequency Radiation
24 to 100 GHz, or more
What on earth you may ask
Are "they" using these frequencies...

by Nicola Baxter

added 2 years ago
Blanket Smothered

Have you listened to "their" lies?
Have you looked up to the skies?
Can't you see that it's being covered?
Full of NANO particles, metal toxins, blanket...

by Nicola Baxter

added 2 years ago
Smart of Dumb?

Smart fridges, smart meters, smart phones
So "they" can spy on us whilst were in our homes
Smart cities, smart grids and smart motorways
Smart dust NANO toxic metals in aerosol sprays
Surrounding the populations in a smart grid...

by Nicola Baxter

added 2 years ago

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The certainly expresses how much emotion you felt I can image how hard it was, pouring our hearts out with words does seem to give us some therapeutic relief from the pain we are experiencing though, I have found it helps us to grow in the spirit.  

1 year ago

I was reading the latest winners Aug 2022 and I was able to read the first two but for some reason in could not see the third winners poem, it wasn't there?
Does anyone know why that is? I might be missing something in should be doing to view it? 

1 year ago

Is there anyway you could make a list of the books that you found in the archives?
I am wondering if there is a book called "Whispering Winds"? From around the late 1990:s?

1 year ago

Not sure why I can't see Kaushik's poem?
The other two winners poems are there?

1 year ago

Heart breaking!

1 year ago

That was beautiful, I always wanted a tree house when I was a child.
Brought a tear to my eyes, was this about you and your boy?

1 year ago

Your poem touches a part of me that understands the need to express our child self and the suffering that child within endured.

2 years ago

I really liked your poem.

2 years ago


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