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Otal Rurt Cion

They contracted strangers
  there different ways,
  One could think these strangers
  where auditioning for spot lefted
  vacant or spots to be vacant.

by Unmasked Superstar

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16 hours ago

Fall Sunndaiz

Werts betwerts to betwixt
of frowned mention might
For chorest today, tommorrows
for fun.
Dry the pumpkins and the
Squash, the hogs shall eat
when it snow
Mix straw with alfalfa and
Press the nuggets for cattle
Might eat til spring
Blessed is ...

by Danker Wrightfast

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1 day ago

Baines Bratt

What wonder mind ye have
done; that your want of me
is to be ignored
Your need to satisfy me
what words to be explored
Kiss me deep and think I
caress of your love
endearing thought what
barest not
Of love to be explored
Chore in compliment
Til yo...

by Bill and U. Harve

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2 days ago

For someone you love

Either Wilton perfect or
Wilton's Ultra
Muffin pans

by Baines management

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2 days ago

Must be

Butcher Gelinger is a guy who wanna buy Packard Motors. He wants the world to believe in restoration of dignity. He believes a clear vision conveys the intention of a companies vision. He wants the world to see how a luxury car should be. He wants...

by Professer

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2 days ago

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