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My Lydia , my Lydia

My Lydia, my Lydia,
You undoubtedly have contracted chlamydia.
During one of your sex-capades,
In a beloved city, somewhere in Syria, or India,
Or presumably from the talented guy,
You willingly met at the cafeteria in Nigeria.
maybe it was the...

by mikemint

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1 year ago

The Humpback hills

The rolling humpback hills.
Fade off into the horizon.
Giving the illusions of vast herds of buffalo's.
Roaming and grazing peacefully 
Across the sun lite plains,
Over fertile fields of wheat and wild grasses.
Stretching into native lakes,...

by mikeminet

added by mikemint
1 year ago

Spartans Immortal warriors

Spartans courageous men standing,
Shoulder to shoulder on the battlefield.
Immortal warriors of the past
With King Leonidas by their side
A hero born for this day.
As proclaimed by the gods.
With their shields burning fiercely with flames of...

by mikeminet

added by mikemint
1 year ago

Hip-notic attraction.

She walks through the mall.
With a hip-notick erotic attraction.
Spellbinding and alluring
to wittily say the least, raising an abundance
Of physical reactions, turning every head,
an eye in the house towards that intoxicating hip - notick motion...

by mikemint

added by mikemint
1 year ago

Pane across the window

In the darkroom, she sat near the window.
Her swollen lips pressed against the glass. 
Thinking of her abusive past, 
With her last breath left,
Her eyes begin to cry tears, 
of blood that streak down the broken glass, 
from pane to pane across the...

by mikemint

added by mikemint
1 year ago

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