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The Flip Side

I kissed the night as it slipped away.
Escaping the Sun and it's baby blue sky.
The day always invades our tranquil colorless space.
I'll find Joy when it fades me to the other side.
Got feral eyes that I fixate, on the only thing moving, it's...

by Coker Rogers

added 7 days ago
I Don't Understand Your Lemons

Life is complicated they said to my youth
And to me it seemed so far from truth
Given that I could live my life without even hardly trying.
I was implying that it was all a lie.
I so ignorantly denied.
Breath by breath I started to...

by Coker Rogers

added 7 days ago
Lava Lake History Of The World

Uneaven black cauldron pieces
Writhing and frothing
Seperated by glowing hot fissures of desire
From the European plagues
to Mongolian massacres
To the cons enclave
To new American sepulchers
On snowy plains no buffalo roam.

by Coker Rogers

added 9 days ago
Skeletal key

Them be the bones of the one
Who taught about the sea
But have no fear me dear
Them bones are...

by Coker Rogers

added 11 days ago
Chameleon Grae

Chameleon Grae
And the gavel breaks
Cones on the pine
Rods bearing snakes
Your honor gin off again
Scotch is on tape
Enter twine count to ten
What is left but fate
Soyu arse o unrefined
Float over your make
Tell me how god felt that...

by Coker Rogers

added 27 days ago

My best friend before I could breathe
I was brought home on this day
But god gifted you to me
You taught me lessons in this life that only you could teach
And showed me strength and of true toughness
When it seemed so out of reach.

by Coker Rogers

added 4 months ago

Don’t know now for sir ten it’s not love that holds the curtain, it surrounds you.
quicksands drain our time it’s through the grass it’s through the vine the nails are true.

Further than a word can bleed and deep beyond the eyes our cries are...

by Coker Rogers

added 9 months ago

Hang me beneath the mistletoe
So the season so cold may greet my soul
And relish success as Christ looks on
Lord bless the ignorant...

by Coker Rogers

added 11 months ago

I fell from the wagon onto firma
Unsure if a push was the cause
Affected by anxiety
Let me coddle my tragic ties
I’ll lay here and waste while parties
Fade away with matching smiles
Something feels better this way
My days Alone and blind...

by Coker Rogers

added 1 year ago
The Restless Illusion

The restless illusion is watching me sleep
Feigning Love and hate, I abear
Conclusions drawn have diluted my dreams
Suggestive trading of hope for despair
Analysis of one’s stability
From a bleak masterpiece off kilter
I’ll pray for a...

by Coker Rogers

added 1 year ago
I wonder if the world stopped turning

I wonder if the world stopped turning
And half always the night
Would we covet the sun
Secure a threshold
And fight our wars for light?
Would we send the precious fuels for burning
To color a darker side?
Vanquish the borders
And migrate...

by Coker Rogers

added 1 year ago
My time is not far

My time is not far
So I’ll dance with the dead
Bless the lives lived through the trees
This spirit inside so happily cries
I’ll watch over your enemies
You’re as free as can be
With the earth underneath
Till the sacred time you return

by Coker Rogers

added 1 year ago

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