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I Wish I Could Have Been There

I wish I could have been there when God created earth.
I wish I could have been there for Baby Jesus’ birth.
I wish I could have been there when they sailed the ocean blue.
I wish I could have been there to say goodbye to you.


by Randy West

added 6 months ago
Tell Me Why I Shouldn't Cry

They say that men should never cry. It shows a weaker side.
Throughout my life, I’ve always found that tears are hard to hide.
There’s so much evil in this world, it makes me wonder why.
Sometimes it’s hard for me to cope. Tell me why I...

by Randy West

added 9 months ago
Ramblings of an Old Man

It’s sad that wisdom comes along when we are so damn old.
The lessons that you’ll learn in life are worth much more than gold.
I prefer to treat my age as simply time that I have earned.
Some facts of life you'll come upon are painful when...

by Randy West

added 4 months ago
Mother's Day

God was busy making angels, and one stood out from the others.
He saved up all His special parts and put them with my mother’s.
He felt this job was special as He worked on her all night.
He knew just what He had to do and had to do it right. ...

by Randy West

added 1 year ago

Behold the aging soldier. He's grown longer in the tooth.
He wears the scars of battle that had squandered all his youth.
Although his war has ended, he finds much to his dismay.
The demons that now haunt him just don't seem to go away.

by Randy West

added 1 year ago
Winners Never Cry

Though your grandpa was a quiet man, he taught his lessons well.
He taught me ways to understand with stories I still tell.
The first time I had lost a game, he told me what to do.
So now, my son, in grandpa's name, I'll do the same for you.


by Randy West

added 1 year ago
A Small Act of Courage

Johnny was an average boy as far as people knew.
He did the things that any growing boy was known to do.
But this day would be special when he met the other boys.
No longer would he waste his time to play with childish toys.

The time had...

by Randy West

added 1 month ago
The Dawn of Destruction

The world is mired in turmoil,

  and it's made it hard to cope.
It seems that what may lie ahead

  is on a slippery slope.
The dominance of greed has

  become the face of fashion.
It hasn't left a remnant of what

  used to be compassion.

by Randy West

added 2 months ago
When the Angels Come to Call

I used to be a carefree guy, a mover and a shaker.
But soon I’ll face the consequence of meeting with my maker.
If life would have a scorecard of the deeds I’ve done before,
I hope my fate will not depend upon my final score.

If the...

by Randy West

added 3 months ago
My Thinking Problem

I’m looking back upon my life and listing things done wrong.
It seems that list keeps growing and becoming far too long.
In retrospect, sometimes I know I acted like a putz.
And other times, I fear that I had gone completely nuts!


by Randy West

added 5 months ago
Satan's Child

She's five foot two and quite a sight. Bet your life you'll find.
A hundred pounds of dynamite, enough to blow your mind.
I can't forget that raven hair or the evil way she smiled.
She'd make a sin of Holy Prayer. They call her Satan's child.


by Randy West

added 7 months ago
That Fateful Day in September

When foreign people search the world to find a place to live, so many choose America, we have so much to give.
Then terrorism viewed the world, and sadly, it would choose our own beloved America, we have so much to lose.

Good people need a...

by Randy West

added 8 months ago
Live and Learn

I know it won't be easy repairing my poor heart.
I've gone about it knowing right from the very start.
I simply can't complete it now, and maybe never will.
It's got a part still missing only she could fill.

My first attempt at romance had...

by Randy West

added 10 months ago
The Fallen

How fragile is a single life the brave so freely give?
Bound for immortality, their souls will surely live.
Death don’t be proud. For what you took, they freely gave away.

by Randy West

added 11 months ago
The Garden

I dreamt I found a garden that grew rows of love and hope.
Nestled by a mountainside and nurtured by its slope.
Hordes of gorgeous butterflies would pollinate the yield
of all the lovely flowers growing in that sacred field.

Adjacent was a...

by Randy West

added 1 year ago
My Best Friend

His coat was soft and silky. His eyes were baby blue.
His nose was pink and runny, and his legs were strong and true.
It really was amazing how that pup could steal your heart.
I never would imagine that a dog could be so smart.

He seemed to...

by Randy West

added 1 year ago

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