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Hilda Doolittle
I saw the first pear as it fell-- the honey-seeking, golden-banded, the yellow swarm was not more fleet than I, ...Rate it

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In the Orchard
James Stephens
There was a giant by the Orchard Wall Peeping about on this side and on that, And feeling in the trees: he was as tall As the big apple tree, a...Rate it

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Evening In A Sugar Orchard
Robert Frost
From where I lingered in a lull in march outside the sugar-house one night for choice, I called the fireman with a careful voice And bade him leave...Rate it

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In the Orchard
Muriel Stuart
'I thought you loved me.' 'No, it was only fun.' 'When we stood there, closer than all?' 'Well, the harvest moon Was shining and queer in your hair...Rate it

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In The Orchard
Algernon Charles Swinburne
LEAVE go my hands, let me catch breath and see; Let the dew-fall drench either side of me; Clear apple-leaves are soft upon that moon Seen sidelong...Rate it

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In The Orchard Street Gallery
Liam Ó Comáin
A sparkling stream Mirrors rose,yellow, And pink blossoms... Draping as if from a vase. Another displayed a vase White as snow with buds Soft and ...Rate it

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In The Orchard.
Muriel Stuart
"I thought you loved me." "No, it was only fun." "When we stood there, closer than all?" "Well, the harvest moon "Was shining and queer in yo...Rate it

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Of An Orchard
Katharine Tynan
Good is an Orchard, the Saint saith, To meditate on life and death, With a cool well, a hive of bees, A hermit's grot below the trees. Good is an ...Rate it

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Reverie: The Orchard on the Slope
Raymond Knister
1 Thin ridges of land unploughed 2 Along the tree-rows 3 Covered with long cream grasses 4 Wind-torn. 5 Brown sand between th...Rate it

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Smoke House Orchard
Margaret Burns
Peering South down to dirty boots in slant eye-view, I dropped it. My three W’s I call it. In a distance I see a glimpse of hime in a dense fog. A ...Rate it

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Song of Fairies Robbing an Orchard
James Henry Leigh Hunt
We, the Fairies, blithe and antic, Of dimensions not gigantic, Though the moonshine mostly keep us, Oft in orchards frisk and peep us. Stolen swee...Rate it

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The Apple Orchard
Rainer Maria Rilke
Come let us watch the sun go down and walk in twilight through the orchard's green. Does it not seem as if we had for long collected, saved and har...Rate it

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The Child in the Orchard
Edward Thomas
'He rolls in the orchard: he is stained with moss And with earth, the solitary old white horse. Where is his father and where is his mother Among a...Rate it

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The Flowering Orchard
William Morris
Silk Embroidery. Lo silken my garden, and silken my sky, And silken my apple-boughs hanging on high; All wrought by the Worm in the peasant carle’...Rate it

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The Orchard
William Morris
Midst bitten mead and acre shorn, The world without is waste and worn, But here within our orchard-close, The guerdon of its labour shows. O vali...Rate it

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The Orchard And The Heath
George Meredith
I chanced upon an early walk to spy A troop of children through an orchard gate: The boughs hung low, the grass was high; They had but to lift hand...Rate it

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The Orchard Lands Of Long Ago
James Whitcomb Riley
The orchard lands of Long Ago! O drowsy winds, awake, and blow The snowy blossoms back to me, And all the buds that used to be! Blow back along the...Rate it

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The Orchard-Pit
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
The Orchard-Pit Piled deep below the screening apple-branch They lie with bitter apples in their hands: And some are only ancient bones that blan...Rate it

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The Wind didn't come from the Orchard—today
Emily Dickinson
The Wind didn't come from the Orchard—today— Further than that— Nor stop to play with the Hay— Nor joggle a Hat— He's a transitive fellow—very— Rel...Rate it

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