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Life a yet to bloom success - Poem

"Plant Plant here have some oxygen"
Says the wind as it swirls around the one which is blooming

"There comes the rain
Be ready to collect some don't make it go in vain"
Says the kind tree with leaves so

Kansha A.
It seems the same

From Mondays to Sundays
Everything seems the same
Yet another day
Gone in vain

How I hope an adventure comes
For this long desire I have succumb
Go to school, come back
I don't know what but something

Kansha A.

The Wind Blows
Flies in the wind the magnificent crow
It spreads it wings and hopes well
It maybe Black but doesn't it

The changing world!

My friends, look at the sight bestowed at us
look quick before it catches a fast bus.
Yes my dear, the world is changing
God promise, no

The changing world!

Well done!

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