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Evergreen tree

A lovely ever green tree surprised me that
any seasons comes in a year still keeping it's
Shape and...

Perpetua Aperocho
Beautiful Itself

Beautiful is sweet
By physical and
Material things
That any one
Can visually touch
feel and seen.
The inner parts
Could be beautiful
By soul , mind and heart meaning beautiful inside...

Perpetua Aperocho
Amazing Colors

There is a rainbow
That appears in the sky
The arc shape of
The rainbow
Touched both ends from sea to...

Perpetua Aperocho
Mango Tree

is a fruit tree
that bears fruits
Starting in May
It varies in different varieties.
during harvest day makes me
happy filling my
basket right away
Love the taste
Of a sweet
Mango it is also one of our best
Fruits in the...

Perpetua Aperocho

In the meadows
Where tall green
grass grows
I'm so happy
To see that animals alive and...

Perpetua Aperocho

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