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Your poem express love and longing in a harmonical way.
I swear this is beautiful. Words can never reciprocate what I felt reading this.YOU are the best out there. I read many works of different poets, it might feel like I am exaggerating but YOU are the best. because these feelings are yours and no one can rock them better. I too once wanted to write. But that I died in order to be normal like everyone. I admire you for your courage and the ability to stay true to your feelings. "LUST BEFRIENDED PRIDE " is my favorite.
Keep being yourself, don't numb, and become like the rest of the flock
I just knew something and it turned out it was true.
I hope You spend today happily, don't expect, then the smallest thing might look special

1 year ago

I thought under the bed was only my universe.
the feeling of asking for love from the people who are slowly killing us. The love we need to feed ourselves. Humans have expectations, they want to be loved.
Your thoughts are so beautifully described
More Power to you.

1 year ago


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