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Unheard Whispers

In the realm of hushed whispers and unspoken sighs,
Where language fades, and silence takes the skies,
Lies a world unseen, yet deeply felt,
Where absence and emptiness quietly melt.

For there is power in what remains unsaid,
In the gaps...

by Olivia Ritota

added 1 year ago
Beauty in Chaos

Beauty, an exquisite fusion of qualities, enthralling our aesthetic senses,
Most find beauty in nature's resplendent spectacle, where brilliance condenses,
Yet, for me, beauty unravels in life's tumultuous flight.

Behold the hurricanes, fierce...

by Olivia Ritota

added 1 year ago
Echoes of Forever

In a garden of dreams, beneath a starlit sky,
Where whispers of love softly sigh,
There, amidst petals of rose and moonbeam gleams,
I found myself lost in the arms of dreams.

He, the sculptor of my heart's desire,
With eyes that sparkled like...

by Olivia Ritota

added 3 months ago
A Summer's End

Amidst the amber hues of fading light,
As summer's end approaches, a tender sight,
A symphony of softness in the breeze,
Announces autumn's arrival with graceful ease.

The sun, once fierce, now wears a weary smile,
Its golden touch invoking...

by Olivia Ritota

added 10 months ago
Upholding Choice in the Land of Liberty

In the somber twilight of Lady Liberty's reign,
A wounded issue dwells, inflicting eternal pain.
There, a question lingers, a knife to the soul,
Should hope be extinguished, leaving hearts cold?

In corridors where choices diverge and collide,

by Olivia Ritota

added 11 months ago
Shadows Within the Fluorescent Light

In the realm of relentless fluorescent lights, I find myself trapped, dwelling within the suffocating confines of this corporate labyrinth. Day after day, the unyielding repetition claws at my soul, the struggles of a 9 to 5 job burying me deeper...

by Olivia Ritota

added 1 year ago

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