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Some longer poems in order of publication:(89624) J F K(90434) Phil the Ninja Turtle(93281) Praise the Lord Jesus(94298) Little Occult Man(99986) About Time(103950) IHOF(123590) The Sparrow on the Dunghill(149441) The Unmasking(149464) Dreams?(152468) Granny Nanny(165318) A Man I Knew(180153) Beverages(181182) Home-schooling(181994) An Annihilatory Missal(182010) Turbo Bean Counters(182083) Some Boats(182106) Who Knew?(182155) Pirates of Purveyance(182190) For My Love(192970) A Visit from Mother(197569) The Dilemma(203063) Song Bird(237968) Ode to Virginia (Creeper)(254884) Dear Poet(266149) The Saddest Song(295571) A Playful Day Full ~ Some of my other favorite poems: (Tycoons' Balloons)(Timeless)(Dreamscripts)(Fearless Youth)(When Poetry Dies)(Wrinkled Mind)(Seaglass Heart)(Word Hermits)(Standing True)(All I Needed...)(Prairie Schooners)(Captivated)(Sun Down)(My Friendly Caprines)(On The Train)(Can You Hear Me?)(Yellow Galaxies)(Oh My Heart!)(Flowing Like Honey)(A Message Scent)(Old Factory Dog)(Turtle Dove)(Subtle Moves)(The Shaving Glass)(To Die A Butterfly)(Birdsong)(What's Wrong With Love?)(Miracles Even)(Rain Maker)(Implications)(My Obituary)(Only Maybe?)(Her Love)(Made In U.S.A.)(Chimneys And Spires)(Getting To Work)(Flood Waters)(Close To Home)(Dear Kate)(A Mother's Love)(Loving Without Questions)(The Kissing Contest)(The Cop Ascetic)(All That Remains)(Chasing Zebras)(An Ancient Sport)(A Final Place)(Cupped Hands)(Without You)(Haiku) A poem stretching like a cat in the lap of endless luxury.

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Honest to God 18 ViewsRate it
things I hear 7 ViewsRate it
tortoise and hare (a haiku fablet) 7 ViewsRate it
drifting 6 ViewsRate it
the vintner 6 ViewsRate it
haiku lesson 6 ViewsRate it
M l k 6 ViewsRate it
senilitude 6 ViewsRate it
I am a prism 5 ViewsRate it
Down River 5 ViewsRate it
narcissism 5 ViewsRate it
Simple Simon's Bakery (Simon Elliott) 5 ViewsRate it
the farmer 5 ViewsRate it
Poetry.com 5 ViewsRate it
cover your eyes 5 ViewsRate it
apple 4 ViewsRate it
Doggerel Parrots... 4 ViewsRate it
Enemy Soldiers 4 ViewsRate it
haiku gospel (water into wine) 4 ViewsRate it
heart of dreams
 4 ViewsRate it
love's wings 4 ViewsRate it
Maelstrom 4 ViewsRate it
moccasins 4 ViewsRate it
moneyopoly 4 ViewsRate it
nonsense 4 ViewsRate it
O-k-l-a-h-o-m-a 4 ViewsRate it
pirates of purveyance 4 ViewsRate it
Poets 4 ViewsRate it
prevarication 4 ViewsRate it
pulp fiction 4 ViewsRate it
the village 4 ViewsRate it
traffic ~ 4 ViewsRate it
true and few 4 ViewsRate it
young at heart 4 ViewsRate it
Wise Owl and Teapot Trivet (a haiku fable) 4 ViewsRate it
growth 4 ViewsRate it
free speech zone 3 ViewsRate it
twitterings 3 ViewsRate it
a final place 3 ViewsRate it
Bearded Nanny goes around 3 ViewsRate it
cosmosphere 3 ViewsRate it
down the road 3 ViewsRate it
Easter Eggs 3 ViewsRate it
empty-carted 3 ViewsRate it
figures of speech 3 ViewsRate it
fragments 3 ViewsRate it
genetics 3 ViewsRate it
goats on the lam 3 ViewsRate it
golden treasury 3 ViewsRate it
How? 3 ViewsRate it
Hustler 3 ViewsRate it
Irish History 3 ViewsRate it
Journey 3 ViewsRate it
judicial review 3 ViewsRate it
master fooler 3 ViewsRate it
my corpus 3 ViewsRate it
my mentor 3 ViewsRate it
New Dawn 3 ViewsRate it
off the wall 3 ViewsRate it
plenty full 3 ViewsRate it
potted poets 3 ViewsRate it
precocious 3 ViewsRate it
Prophecies 3 ViewsRate it
roly-poly ciphers 3 ViewsRate it
seed tossing 3 ViewsRate it
shibboleth 3 ViewsRate it
standing hay 3 ViewsRate it
stone deaf 3 ViewsRate it
summer snowprints 3 ViewsRate it
the dozen 3 ViewsRate it
The Gift 3 ViewsRate it
the play ground 3 ViewsRate it
The Saddest Song 3 ViewsRate it
thumbs up! 3 ViewsRate it
trail mix 3 ViewsRate it
which came first? 3 ViewsRate it
the good fight 3 ViewsRate it
flat earth 3 ViewsRate it
two trees 3 ViewsRate it
the suicidal jailer 3 ViewsRate it
memories 3 ViewsRate it
true artist 3 ViewsRate it
buried 2 ViewsRate it
energy scam 2 ViewsRate it
Jubilee 2 ViewsRate it
mastered 2 ViewsRate it
on eagles' wings 2 ViewsRate it
Seeing 2 ViewsRate it
Tesla 2 ViewsRate it
Day of Infamy 2 ViewsRate it
unconscious 2 ViewsRate it
dried flowers 2 ViewsRate it
haiku trap 2 ViewsRate it
flat-footed 2 ViewsRate it
the faithful… 2 ViewsRate it
sermon on the mount 2 ViewsRate it
laughing all by myself 2 ViewsRate it
just temporary these… 2 ViewsRate it
baffles 2 ViewsRate it
only maybe? 2 ViewsRate it
new attire 2 ViewsRate it
poetry bums 2 ViewsRate it
since you’re gone 2 ViewsRate it
By God's Hands 2 ViewsRate it
depths 2 ViewsRate it
elite banksters 2 ViewsRate it
sinister handle bars 2 ViewsRate it
martial law steppes 1 ViewRate it
oh my heart! 1 ViewRate it
wire barbers 1 ViewRate it
glorious 1 ViewRate it
synergetics 1 ViewRate it
cloud hoppers 1 ViewRate it

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