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Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī also known as Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Balkhī, and more popularly simply as Rumi, was a 13th-century Persian poet, faqih, Islamic scholar, theologian, and Sufi mystic originally from Greater Khorasan in Greater Iran.

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List of poems by Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi 108 total

The Guest House
 423 ViewsRate it
Out Beyond Ideas
 367 ViewsRate it
Zero Circle 295 ViewsRate it
Come, Come, Whoever You Are 271 ViewsRate it
A Stone I died 242 ViewsRate it
Only Breath
 211 ViewsRate it
I am a sculptor, a molder of form
 201 ViewsRate it
Two Kinds of Intelligence
 185 ViewsRate it
Moving Water
 179 ViewsRate it
There is a Community of Spirit
 179 ViewsRate it
The Seed Market
 154 ViewsRate it
Ghazal of Rumi 153 ViewsRate it
Like This
 147 ViewsRate it
Whoever Brought Me Here
 138 ViewsRate it
All through eternity
 137 ViewsRate it
Be With Those Who Help Your Being
 137 ViewsRate it
The Taste of Morning
 136 ViewsRate it
The time has come for us to become madmen in your chain
 133 ViewsRate it
There Are A Hundred Kinds Of Prayer (Quatrain in Farsi with English Translation)
 133 ViewsRate it
Your grief.... 132 ViewsRate it
Who Says Words With My Mouth?
 130 ViewsRate it
Shadow and Light Source Both
 128 ViewsRate it
I Have a Fire for You in my Mouth
 127 ViewsRate it
O You Who've gone on Pilgrimage
 126 ViewsRate it
Bring Wine
 126 ViewsRate it
One Whisper of the Beloved
 126 ViewsRate it
Sleep of the Body the Soul's Awakening
 123 ViewsRate it
Love is the Water of Life
 122 ViewsRate it
Lord, what a Beloved is mine!
 121 ViewsRate it
I Swear
 120 ViewsRate it
Confused and Distraught
 117 ViewsRate it
The Breeze at Dawn 115 ViewsRate it
Any Soul That Drank the Nectar
 112 ViewsRate it
Not Here 112 ViewsRate it
Until You've Found Pain
 112 ViewsRate it
I See so Deeply Within Myself 111 ViewsRate it
The Self We Share
 111 ViewsRate it
Two Friends
 111 ViewsRate it
This is love
 110 ViewsRate it
Ode 1373
 108 ViewsRate it
Who is at my door?
 106 ViewsRate it
Love is reckless 104 ViewsRate it
Late, by Myself 102 ViewsRate it
The ravings which my enemy uttered I heard within my heart
 102 ViewsRate it
There is a Candle in your Heart
 102 ViewsRate it
 101 ViewsRate it
Passion makes the old medicine new: 101 ViewsRate it
Ode 1957: An intellectual
 98 ViewsRate it
In The Arc Of Your Mallet
 97 ViewsRate it
Who makes these changes? 96 ViewsRate it
Be Lost In The Call
 95 ViewsRate it
The Lovers
 95 ViewsRate it
There is a life-force within your soul
 94 ViewsRate it
In love
 93 ViewsRate it
Out of Your Love
 91 ViewsRate it
There is a Way
 90 ViewsRate it
If a Tree could Wander
 87 ViewsRate it
A Moment Of Happiness
 84 ViewsRate it
Ghazal 314
 83 ViewsRate it
Last night you left me and slept 82 ViewsRate it
In the End
 81 ViewsRate it
This Aloneness
 81 ViewsRate it
What Hidden Sweetness Is There
 81 ViewsRate it
This we Have Now
 80 ViewsRate it
Let go of your worries
 78 ViewsRate it
This Will Not Win Him
 78 ViewsRate it
How Long
 77 ViewsRate it
I will beguile him with the tongue
 77 ViewsRate it
Love is the Water of Life
 77 ViewsRate it
Quatrain 1693 (Farsi with English Translation) 77 ViewsRate it
Light Breeze
 76 ViewsRate it
Love has nothing to do with the five senses
 76 ViewsRate it
 74 ViewsRate it
If You Show Patience
 72 ViewsRate it
Weary not of us, for we are very beautiful
 72 ViewsRate it
I Was Dead
 68 ViewsRate it
If you Want What Visible Reality
 68 ViewsRate it
My mother was fortune, my father generosity and bounty
 67 ViewsRate it
I have been tricked by flying too close
 66 ViewsRate it
Ode 314
 62 ViewsRate it
Birdsong 62 ViewsRate it
Ghazal 119
 62 ViewsRate it
Not Intrigued With Evening
 62 ViewsRate it
If I weep
 59 ViewsRate it
Description of Love
 58 ViewsRate it
Last night my soul cried O exalted sphere of Heaven
 56 ViewsRate it
The springtime of Lovers has come
 55 ViewsRate it
We Are As The Flute
 55 ViewsRate it
 54 ViewsRate it
Laila and the Khalifa.
 53 ViewsRate it
I closed my eyes to creation
 52 ViewsRate it
Rise, lovers
 49 ViewsRate it
Book1 Prologue
 48 ViewsRate it
Soul Receives From Soul 48 ViewsRate it
Reason says love says
 47 ViewsRate it
The beauty of the heart
 47 ViewsRate it
At the Twilight
 46 ViewsRate it
Every day I bear a burden
 43 ViewsRate it
Because I cannot sleep
 42 ViewsRate it
Did I Not Say To You
 42 ViewsRate it
I have fallen into unconsciousness
 42 ViewsRate it
You Personify God's Message 40 ViewsRate it
Any Lifetime 35 ViewsRate it
I am only the house of your beloved
 32 ViewsRate it
When I am asleep and crumbling in the tomb
 32 ViewsRate it
I Am Part Of The Load
 31 ViewsRate it
I Have a Fire for You in my Mouth
 29 ViewsRate it
In the Waters of Purity 25 ViewsRate it

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