The Uncharted Odyssey of Existence

The path we have to travel is full of surprises,
Uncharted roads and unexpected rises,
Treacherous trails where peril compromises,
Our steady steps as adventure entices,
Calling us forth as curiosity vices,
To abandon the known for what surprises,
Awaits beyond horizons of crises,
Where each daring choice catalyzes,  
New worlds unfolding before our eyes.

You'll never be prepared for what comes your way,
Joy or sorrow rules the dues we must pay,  
On fortune's wheel as lives spin night and day,
Casting shadows or brightening with sunrays,
Fickle fate weaves lives’ tapestries this way,
With threads draw from choice’s disarray,
Inevitable weaves of destiny’s sway,
Knotting stories with twists plots that waylay,
Hopes and dreams either built up or betray.

Whether outcomes bring smiles or frowns your face,
In life's grand scheme, it's all meant to take place,
Lessons to learn from each twist and trace,
Of karmic laws binding the mortal race,  
No birth comes clear of destiny’s encase,
All carry seeds of fate’s pre-set embrace,  
Ingrained instincts no power can replace,
Each soul etched with its covenant retrace,  
Of debts and duties none can fully erase.

You'll never escape the fruit life has you reap,
Karmic scales render dues none can cheat,
Existence echoes with echos problems repeat,  
Until wisdom awakens escapes incomplete,
Liberation comes when souls karmic debts deplete,
And see through illusion’s misleading deceit,
Piercing veils of want, anger and conceit,  
Ego’s prison open inner eyes to defeat,
Freeing one's vision the divine to meet.

In life’s classroom, joy and grief tutor the naive,
With lessons revealing what we need to believe,
Testing faith when tribulations souls siege,
Awakening conscience from its slumbering sheath,  
To guide us up out of suffering’s thief,
Who robs us of peace with belief bereave,
Dimming our wits with perceptions deceive,  
Limiting minds unable to conceive,  
Anything beyond senses material perceive.

When hardship strikes with fate's sudden lash,
Shattering dreams plans turning into ash,
Those unprepared are left to rue and gnash,
Seeing life’s cruel face behind its mask,  
Revealing existence’s true complex task,
All about transcending ego to smash,
Before real freedom's joy we can savor and bask,
Beyond cycles of desire karmic fetters enmesh,
Entangling consciousness longing liberation unmask.

For human travails have no end forecast,  
Troubles keep coming like waves hitting coast,
Testing souls with pain thorns impose,  
Goading each to escape world's engross,
And pierce veils keeping divinity encased,
Awake sleeper from matrix soul stay laced,
Unbind mind from matter's form embrace,  
No more let senses sight steeped displace,
Rise out of illusion, true vision retrace.

Detach from objects that wants attach,
No lasting contentment in things snatch,
Fleeting possessions no solace hatch,  
Cannot appease the soul they mismatch,
For spirit starves when ego they fatten,  
Feeding desire leaves wisdom to flatten,
Chaining awareness which matter does mat,
Blinding inner eye with covers that pat,
Hiding truth neath appearance shadows beget.

Release wanting, key to freedom you'll get,
Renounce craving's thirst spirit to whet,
Not things outside but inside threats beset,
Chasing dreams simply more problems beget,
Attachment the root of discontent's regret,  
All suffering stems from traps ego has set,
Chaining you to the wheel which lifetimes forget,
Liberation comes when desire's link you unset,
Freed from illusions true purpose you'll met.  

Face each moment with mindful awareness fetch,  
Don't let judgments perception obscure or etch,
With open eyes each experience assess and sketch,
Being present frees you mind's tendency tofetch,  
Stories from past that your vision from now stretch,
Projecting upon possibilities futures may etch,  
Living not this moment, but ones mind does snatch  
From horizons gone by or yet to bewitch,  
Trapping awareness in webs thoughts spin and mesh.

Drop expectation's lens that distorts and dims,  
Quit imposing wants, shoulds and imaginary whims,  
Clear sight comes when inner noise and outer clamor skims,  
Letting intuition guide not ego that swims,   
In currents of craving's delusion steering amiss,  
Crashing upon rocks where ignorance anchors its rim,  
Muffling inner voice which wisdom speaks from life's brim,  
Heed this compass to avoid wreck mind's whirlpools bring,
Navigating existence with vision living's hymns.  

Quit counting on life to shape up as you ordain,
You’ll be sorely frustrated if outcomes you aim to constrain,
For world unfold as per its rhythm, not yours to contain,
Flow with what comes, don't let resistance cause you more pain,
Embrace all scenes as notes in living's complex refrain,  
Highs and lows weaving music no single tone sustain,
Blending life's symphony no conductor can train,
Each ones part we choose to voice with grace or disdain,
Discordant when ego resists, else flowing refrain.

You’ll never be ready for living’s tests life imposes,  
Surprises always lurking around twists and bends it discloses,
Trials to awaken conscience from its dormant doze,
Prodding souls to transcend limits that mortal radius shows,
Beyond bracketed thinking that ignorance bestows,
Convincing short-sighted to stay jailed as problems enclose,  
While freedom beckons if you dare uncertainties expose,
Venturing beyond comfort traps the routine nests and grows,
Spread your wings, leave the known for growth new flights propose.

For life is change, impermanence ever shifting each scene,
Moments arising, sliding by, then fading downstream,  
Only the present is real, all else illusions false deem,
Futures imagined, past recollected, fabrications teem,  
To confuse mortal minds caught in their schemes,
Missing the now for chasing wants that never redeem,  
Seeking permanence where none is seen,
Attachment's root of sorrow worlds make beings scream,
Trapped on desire's wheel that endless miseries redeem.  

 pierce the veils of ignorance and you will discover,
Worlds profound where spirit's freed from matter recover,
Vistas vast no egoic eye has yet uncovered,
Truths that to limited minds remain disguise and hover,
Beyond intellect's grasp to conceive or uncover,
Horizons high where freed awareness soars under,  
No longer chained to existence's mortal blunder,
Having woken from illusion's spell minds fall under,
Ego's prison escaped no more in life to flounder.

For existence in form is but a fleeting pretender,  
A passing parade of shapes consciousness mold and render,
Projecting worlds its own limitations engender,
Veiling spirit's boundless depth finite can't fathom nor tender,  
Lost in the maze of creation mortal render,
Seeking lasting joy where none is found to surrender,
Ever trapped on wheel of relentless change that upender
Dreams, until awakened mind finally comprehends the render  
Of worlds false, piercing illusion's veil as pretender.

No guru, scripture or philosophy truth can engender,
Words cannot capture living presence heart's apprentice render,
Thoughts point to depths where silence dissolves thought's splendor,
Concepts fingers moon that directs gaze beyond tender,
To reveal knowledge unborn wordless apprehenders nurture,
Beyond language's reach mystics and saints adventure,
Plunging conscious oceans without limit or censure,
Drinking elixir of divine love's rapture tender,
United with source when ego's last barrier surrender.

So flow with life's tide as it comes swelling over,
Challenge not its turns, nor programmed roles recover,
But awake from dream, illusion's matrix uncover,
No longer life's plaything, but the director discover,
Script your own story, not fate's victim remain further,  
Transcend all limits ego and ignorance smother,
Unbound by name and form, spirit truths uncover,
Sailing existence's oceans not chance's rudder,
But dharma's helm steering as experiences you weather.

The path we all walk has no set course or ending,  
Each moment revealing where next our steps are wending,
Surprises round every bend our journey is bending,
Testing our wisdom with trials tossing and pending,
Awakening conscience to lights divine our soul is lending,  
To guide us through shadows where psyche is descending,
Clouding visions with wanting mind's habits offending,  
Distorting truth that inner eye is apprehending,
As deeper purpose and meaning living is intending.  

You'll never know what comes next as life keeps amending,  
Scenes and settings constantly shape-shifting neverending,  
Each phase passing by quick as dreams upon waking pending,  
Transient time's flowing stream all in its grip fast ending,  
Only in this moment eternity's glimpse descending,
As witnessing presence not wanting thoughts pretending,  
Reveals existence's hidden depth never-ending, extending,  
Beyond limits that mortal perceptions are apprehending,  
Freeing awareness from ego's prison walls impeding.

Embrace every instant though harsh its lessons exacting,
Pain and bliss equal teachersperspective reacting,  
Detached equanimity life's whims overmatching,  
Not pulled by extremes, calm within, wise compass enacting,  
Sailing turmoil's oceans centered stillnesstracting,  
Storms will pass, beauty return, joy again resurrecting,  
Impermanence rounds each scene, all changing never resting,  
Flow with the tides, don't resist nature's flux arresting,  
Unperturbed witness, this too shall pass, be patient waiting.

Live fully awake in the blossoming now unfolding,  
Not lost in regrets or futures anxiety holding,  
Stand free in the still point breeze's eye beholding,  
That moves worlds round its composure upholding,  
Clarity's vision in each moment upholding,
Watching the dance as phenomena keeps molding,  
Not life's captive, its master divinity upholding,  
Lead destiny, don't follow where randomness is goading,  
Realize freedom when ego's last fear you have consoled in.

The path unfolding holds surprises round each corner,
Twists of fate redirecting where lifelines meander,
Forks in destiny’s road insight and faith engender,
As inner truth guides when certainty’s maps surrender,   
To the compass of conscience steering souls up life's incline ascend,      
Beyond trails where ignorance misleads steps moments splinter,
When awareness gets lost in thought jungles minds enter,    
Missing intuition’s call, divine Ulysses fated to deter,
Luring ego astray with siren wants that lifetimes deter.

We’re never prepared for living’s tests that await in the wings,
Ordeals and trials to awaken conscience within that sings,  
A song sublime calling spirits imprisoned to take wing,
Beyond the cages of desire where ego entraps suffering,
Pierce veils of illusion, true vision regaining,
Liberate minds entangled in webs thoughts are spinning,
Freeing awareness to realize vaster truths beginning,
As awakened soul transcends worldly bounds, chains unpinning,
No more seeking fleeting treasures, lasting joy winning.   

Whether life brings fortune or tragedy spinning,
Blessings or burdens fate's wheel is rescinding,
Meet all with equanimity, calm composure pending,
Not elated or shaken, inner stillness attending,
Anchored deep in the moment, detachment amending,  
Perspective focused on meaning, not details pretending,   
Extract wisdom from all, higher purpose apprehending,
Seeking not just to live but discover why you’re ascending  
This mortal realm, transmigration’s cycle upending.

Flow with existence’s currents, don't try to swim contesting,   
You’ll only exhaust yourself trajectories arrested opposing,
Surrender and let go expectations life wrest in its ebbing,
Existence’s cyclic nature ever shaping and molding,
Beyond grasp of the human its rhythms upholding,
Maintain centered poise as each scene keeps unfolding,
Upholding inner calm when turmoil surrounds you engulfing,
Stay the witness when frenzied change worlds are convulsing,  
Stand in the eye of the storm, detachment absolving.  

Don’t search for meaning in things outside self containing,
Fleeting treasures no lasting contentment sustaining,
Look within, turn awareness from without back training,
To realize the subject worlds objects are arraigning,    
Perceiving the myriad shapes consciousness is maintaining,
Projecting and withdrawing worlds with Maya’s entertaining,  
Leela’s dance ever weaves across time and space ordaining
Patterns phenomena follow, law’s grand design restraining,
Beyond mind’s grasp though heart feels its pulse sustaining.        

Delve into the mystery living cannot escape unbracing,   
Peel the onion of being, essence revealing retracing,    
The steps you descended, incarnating spirit effacing,
Its infinite nature in finite veils, existence de-facing,  
The formless beauty behind shapes change keeps erasing,
Ever-changing illusion, time and space interlacing,
Hides the One real though manifold masks displaying,  
Search not without but within and you’ll discover the tracing,  
To source where subject meets object in unity embracing.  

The path has no end where adventure is just commencing,   
Each moment a new landscape insight is condensing,  
Revealing existence’s marvels, consciousness expanding,  
While we walk dreamily in worlds Maya is eclipsing,    
Entangled in webs thoughts spin, awareness is losing,   
In mistaking symbols for truth mind’s interpreting,   
Seduced by illusion's mirrors, clarity refusing,  
Only to awaken and see you hold the key that frees you,
From bondage self-created when ego’s last chain you're loosing.

So know you cannot escape ordeals life is planning,
Fate is weaving threads beyond your control or commanding,  
But how you respond is the choice destiny’s demanding,   
Meet each moment with courage and faith life is scanning,
Maintain timeless presence not reacting or panicking,
See through surfaces, inner purpose understanding,    
Extract meaning from all, higher vision expanding,  
As deeper soul awakens, ignorance is disbanding,  
And you consciously walk path of destiny life is stranding.

About this poem

This poem reflects the unpredictable and challenging nature of life's journey. It emphasizes that one can never fully prepare for what life throws their way, and that joy and sorrow are part of the dues we must pay. The verses delve into themes of fate, karma, and the importance of detaching from material desires to find true liberation. The poem encourages mindfulness, detachment, and a focus on the present moment as keys to understanding the deeper purpose of existence. It also suggests that the path of life is an ongoing adventure, full of surprises and tests that awaken one's conscience and lead to greater wisdom. 

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Written on January 04, 2015

Submitted by Mawphniang.Napoleon on November 04, 2023

12:11 min read

Quick analysis:

Closest metre Iambic hexameter
Characters 14,164
Words 2,368
Stanzas 30
Stanza Lengths 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9

Mawphniang Napoleon

Mawphniang is a person who is always striving to live life to the fullest. He is someone who is always open to new ideas and ways of living and is unafraid to take risks in order to explore the unknown. He is passionate about life and is always looking for ways to make use of his time and energy. He has an inquisitive nature, and is always looking for answers to life's mysteries and questions. Though Mawphniang does not pretend to have all the answers, he is determined to taste life and live a simple life, without overcomplicating things. He's a person who appreciates the small moments and cherishes the little things in life. He enjoys spending time in nature, exploring the world, and connecting with people. He is a person who is always up for a new adventure and never stops learning. He is on a daily journey of self-discovery, trying to make sense of the world and his place in it. more…

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