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Leadership is not a song of glamour that birds sing to welcome the morning glow.
Nor is she a ripple wave smile exposed when rivers flow.
She is an infant who desires to grow, her milky teeth are not ready to bite and chew, given a chance she must...


added 8 years ago
Someone Else’s Song

I am a million, million people
Talking all at once, with voices
Raised in clamour, like maids
At village-wells.

I am a million, million deaths
Pox-clustered, each a drying seed
Someday to be shed, to grow for
Someone else, a...

by Kamala Das

added 8 years ago
Worst Day Ever?

Today was the absolute worst day ever
And don't try to convince me that
There's something good in every day
Because, when you take a closer look,
This world is a pretty evil place.
Even if
Some goodness does shine through once in a while...

by Chanie Gorkin

added 8 years ago
מדינת אשכנז

במדינת אשכנז השקד פורח
במדינת אשכנז מצפים לאורח
לא לשותף
רוחצים ידים בסבון וגם אז
נוגעים מרחוק
לא תוקעים...

by רועי חסן

added 8 years ago

She'd smile, and birds would feel that they no longer
had to sing, or it may be I failed
to hear their song.

Within a crowd, I'd hope her glance might be
for me, but I knew that she was shy, and wished
to be alone.

I'd pay to sit behind...

by Jimmy Carter

added 8 years ago
Written in Pencil in the Sealed Freightcar

Here in this carload
I am Eve
With my son Abel
If you see my older boy
Cain son of Adam
Tell him that...

by Dan Pagis

added 9 years ago
For Now

The days resemble one another
the cat’s sharp claws rest
deep in her paws

in the yard the dogs
gnaw a rabbit’s skull
and my shadow grows very long

at night the stars come out of their kennel
I listen to the barking but
I have no...

by Agi Mishol

added 9 years ago

I walk down an
old forest trail.
I take each step
on ancient soil.
I look around.
Trees stand tall
above me.
The branches stretch
out with leaves
that cover the sun
from my eyes.
Flowers bloom in
patches on the ground.
The small critters
run around...

by Anonymous

added 9 years ago

From whatever country you come,
look at the ruins of the camp.
Think, and do all you can,
so your pilgrimage
be not in vain,
as was not in vain our death…
For you and your children,
the ashes of Auschwitz are
a warning.
Act so that the terrible...

by Primo Levi

added 9 years ago
A Poem To A Mother....

Your head is feeling achy, filled with worries and with stress,
sometimes you question if today you truly gave your best.
It throbs and it runs, it hurts and it pounds,
at times you feel that it never calms...

by Pamela Macdonald

added 9 years ago

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