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A mirror, awash in tears
Reflects judgment and disdain
A tempest of hatred and scorn
Unbridled, raging, a torrent out of control
Rain leaves scars; who could foresee?
I realized how much you despised my stature, my size
Unveiled in the...

by Deborah Burris-Kitchen

added 5 months ago
Exposure of a Caste

Exposure of a Caste

I watched as racism rushed out of you like blood from a deep cut.
I could see blood stains on your hands and regalia
as you chose white privilege over democracy that night.
You think your white skin is translucent, but it...

by Deborah Burris-Kitchen

added 5 months ago
Moments Not Yet Known

Moments Not Yet Known

From the vent of the smoldering volcano, embers glow
Lava weaves a tapestry of secrets, long ago
Your presence, so remote, yet remarkably close
Voyagers from a bygone era, our spirits disclose.

No whispers from...

by Deborah Burris-Kitchen

added 6 months ago
Master's of War

Masters of War

Come, architects of agony, weavers of pain
Crafters of guns, where innocence is slain.
Your death planes soar, a symphony of despair
Bombs born in shadows, a toxic affair.
Behind fortress walls and desks adorned with...

by Deborah Burris-Kitchen

added 6 months ago
Canvas of My Life

Canvas of My Life
Upon this canvas, my life unfolds
Brushstrokes of vibrant tales
both young and old
Bold hues weave a narrative of grit and strife
Short, golden lines
markers of hair and height.

Crimson strokes ascend
my heart takes...

by Deborah Burris-Kitchen

added 6 months ago
Lost in the Snowy Woods

Lost in the Snowy Woods

I walked toward the woods, cold and dark.
Snow began to fall as I told myself
In the forest, I will search for what stabs at my heart,
But as soon as I reached the ingress
Hatred’s subzero wind chill stung with the...

by Deborah Burris-Kitchen

added 7 months ago

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