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Siegfried Sassoon
They threw me from the gates: my matted hair Was dank with dungeon wetness; my spent frame O’erlaid with marish agues: everywhere Tortured by le...Rate it

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A Ballad Of François Villon, Prince Of All Ballad-Makers
Algernon Charles Swinburne
Bird of the bitter bright grey golden morn Scarce risen upon the dusk of dolorous years, First of us all and sweetest singer born Whose far shri...Rate it

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Francois Villon
Eugene Field
If I were Francois Villon and Francois Villon I, What would it matter to me how the time might drag or fly? _He_ would in sweaty anguish toil the d...Rate it

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The Ballad of Villon and Fat Madge
François Villon
‘'Tis no sin for a man to labour in his vocation.' -Falstaff ‘The night cometh, when no man can work.' What though the beauty I love and serve be ...Rate it

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The Debate Between Villon And His Heart
François Villon
Who's that I hear?—It's me—Who?—Your heart Hanging on by the thinnest thread I lose all my strength, substance, and fluid When I see you withdrawn ...Rate it

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The Epitaph In Form Of A Ballad Which Villon Made For Himself And His Comrades, Expecting To Be Hanged Along With Them
Algernon Charles Swinburne
Men, brother men, that after us yet live, Let not your hearts too hard against us be; For if some pity of us poor men ye give, The sooner God sh...Rate it

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Villon's Straight Tip to All Cross Coves
William Ernest Henley
"Tout aux tavernes et aux filles." Suppose you screeve? or go cheap-jack? Or fake the broads? or fig a nag? Or thimble-rig? or knap a yack...Rate it

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