Glossary of terms used in David Rorie's works

acquaint, acquainted.
ae, one.
aff, off.
afore, before.
a'gate, everywhere.
ain, own.
aince, once.
ang-bang-pang, embonpoint.
argy-bargy, argument.
attour, out, over.
auld, old.
ava', at all.
awa', away; fair awa' wi' it, fairly done for.
awyte, an affirmative exclamation.
ayont, beyond.
Ba', ball; to get on the ba', to go on a jollification, to get drunk.
bade, stayed.
bairnie, child.
baith, both.
bane-doctorin', bone-setting.
banned, cursed.
barley-bree, whisky.
bathered, bothered.
bauchles, old shoes, slippers.
bedfast, bed-ridden.
beelin', suppurating.
beerit, buried.
besom, broom; a woman of loose character.
bide, stay.
biggin', building.
biled, boiled.
billy, fellow.
birled, moved quickly.
birr, vigour, force.
birse, bristle; to get one's birse set up, to get in a rage.
bit, at the bit, at the finish.
bleeze, blaze, fire.
blude, blood.
body, person; beast or body, beast or man.
bogie-roll, Irish twist tobacco.
bonnet-laird, small proprietor.
braw, beautiful.
breeks, breeches.
brithers, brothers.
brizzin', pressing.
brose, oatmeal mixed with water.
bubbly-jock, turkey.
Buchan, Buchan's "Domestic Medicine."
bude, behoved.
buits, boots.
bullerin', roaring.
buskit, dressed.
but-an-ben, two-roomed cottage.
byordnar, extraordinary.
ca', call; work.
cahoochy, india-rubber.
cankert, ill-natured.
canny-like, gently.
carle, old man.
chappit, struck.
cheeky-on, sideways.
cheenge, change.
cheep, whisper, faint noise.
chiel, fellow.
chowed, chewed.
clachan, hamlet.
claes, clothes.
clarty, dirty.
cloot, mend, patch.
clour, dint caused by a blow.
cockernony, woman's hair twisted up.
cod, pillow.
coorse, coarse.
crack, talk.
craigie, throat.
crambo-clink, rhyme, doggerel.
crap, crop.
cratur, creature.
creishy, fat.
crockaneetion, smithereens, bits.
croochin', crouching.
cry, bear (a child).
cryin', accouchement.
cuits, shins.
cutty, pipe.
daddin', knocking.
dae, do.
dandrin', sauntering.
dang, broke, driven.
darkenin', darkness.
daur, dare.
Daylicht has mony een, daylight reveals many things,
explains mysteries.
deaved, deafened.
dee, die.
deevil, deil, the Devil.
deid, dead.
deleerit, delirious.
denners, dinners.
devauled, ceased.
dichtit, wiped.
dingin', dingin' on, falling.
dinna, do not.
dirk, dagger.
distrackit, distracted.
dizzen, dozen.
doobled, doubled.
doon-settin', settlement, start in life.
doo's cleckin, pigeon's hatch, two of a family.
doot, doubt.
dootna, do not doubt.
dour, obstinate, hard, severe.
dree, suffer.
drogues, drugs.
drooth, thirst.
droothy, thirsty.
drumlie-like, showing a sediment.
druve, drove.
duds, clothes.
dune, done.
dunt, a stroke causing a hollow sound.
dwalt, dwelt.
dwam, faint turn.
dwinin', wasting, fading.
Eck, contraction for Alexander.
e'e, eye.
een, eyes.
e'en, even.
e'enins, evenings.
efterhan', afterwards.
eident, diligent.
elbuck, elbow.
eneuch, enough.
ense, otherwise.
ettlin', inclined to.
expeckin', expecting, enceinte.
fa', fall.
fand, found.
fash, trouble.
faurer, farther.
fearsome, frightful.
fecht, fight.
feckless, weak, spiritless, worthless.
fegs, an affirmative exclamation, a corruption of Faith.
fell, hot, acute.
ferlies, wonders.
fesh, fetch.
fin', find, feel.
finger't, fingered, palpated.
fire (in his e'e), a foreign body.
firin', fire-wood.
firstlins, first products.
fish-hake, a wooden frame on which to hang fish.
flang, flung.
flannen, flannel.
flee, fly; flee out on, scold.
fleechin', wheedling.
fleg, frighten.
fleggit, frightened.
forbye, over and above, besides.
forcy, forceful.
forebears, ancestors.
fore-handit, paid in advance.
fore-nune, forenoon.
forfaughen, exhausted.
forrit, forward; even forrit, straight on.
fosh, fetched.
fowk, folk.
fowre, four; weel on fowre, nearly four o'clock.
freen's, relations.
fricht, fright.
fu', full.
gae, go.
gaed, went; gaed owre, went beyond the power of.
gaffer, foreman, overseer.
gait, way.
gaithrin', crowd.
gang, go.
gangrels, wanderers, tramps.
gant, yawn.
gar, make, cause.
gaun, going.
gaun-aboot, wandering.
gey, very.
ghaistly, ghostly.
gibbles, tools.
gie, give; gie him the name, name the child after him.
gillie-callum, a variety of Scots dance.
gin, if.
girnin', whining, complaining.
gloamin', twilight.
glow'red, stared.
govy-dick, govy-ding, an exclamation of surprise.
gowpin', throbbing.
granes, groans.
granin', groaning.
gree, agree.
greenin', longing for.
greet, cry, weep.
grew, shiver.
grewsin', shivering.
grup, grip.
gruppit, gripped.
gude, good.
gude-gaun, good-going.
gude-mither, mother-in-law.
guff, smell.
gully, large pocket knife.
hae, have.
Hae! Here.
hail, pour down.
haill, whole; haill apotheck, whole affair.
hame, home; the nicht that the bairnie cam' hame, the night that
the child was born.
hame-owre, homely.
hantle, a considerable number.
harns, brains.
haud, hold.
hauf, half.
heedin', paying attention to.
heicher, higher.
heicht, height.
heid, head.
heidin', heading.
heirskep, heredity, inheritance.
herts, hearts; gart the hert rise, made one sick.
het, hot.
hielant, Highland.
hin'er, hinder.
hinna, have not.
hirplin', limping.
hives, bowel-trouble of children.
hoast, cough.
holin', cutting coal.
hoodie-craws, hooded crows.
hoor, hour.
hoose, house.
hornie, fair hornie, fair exchange.
howdie, mid-wife.
howk, dig.
humoursome, humorous.
hungert, hungry, starved.
hunner, hundred.
hurdies, buttocks.
hurl, a lift, a drive in a conveyance.
ilk, ilka, each.
ingans, onions.
ingle, fire.
intil, into.
I'se, I.
iver, ever.
joukery-pawkery, trickery.
jucks, ducks.
juist, just.
kebbuck, cheese.
keepit, kept.
kens, knows.
kent, knew.
kentna, did not know.
keppit, met.
kilmarnock, a night cap.
kimmer, gossip (Fr. commere).
kin', kind.
kinkhoast, whooping-cough.
kin'liest, kindliest.
kintraside, countryside.
kirk, church,
kist, chest.
kists o' whistles, organs.
knock, clock.
langer, longer.
lang-leggit, long-legged.
lappers, clots.
lat, let.
lauchin', laughing.
lave, the rest.
law-wer, lawyer.
lear, lore, knowledge.
learnin', teaching.
leear, liar.
leech, physician.
lees, lies.
leggit, legged.
leuch, laughed.
libel, label.
licht, light.
lichtsome, cheerful.
lilt, a cheerful air.
linkit, linked, united.
littlens, children.
losh, an exclamation, corruption of Lord.
losh keep's, Lord keep us.
loup, jump.
loupin', jumping.
lowsed, stopped working, loosened.
lum-hat, silk hat.
lum-hattit, silk-hatted.
maist, most.
makar, poet.
mannie, diminutive of man.
mells, mallets, mauls.
menners, manners.
middenheid, top of the dunghill.
miracklous, miraculous, very drunk.
mirk, darkness.
mischanters, misfortunes.
mischeef, mischief.
morn's morn, to-morrow morning.
mou, mouth.
mows, jest; nae mows, no joke.
muckle, big.
mune, moon.
naethin', nothing.
narra', narrow; narra' i' the swalla', narrow-throated.
neeps, turnips.
neist, next.
nesty, nasty.
nice, particular.
nieves, fists.
nirled, shrunken with age.
nocht, naught.
nosey-wax, a nobody (expression of contempt).
nott, needed.
no-weel, unwell.
Ony, any.
orra, odd.
owre, over.
oxter, the armpit.
palmer, to wander.
parritch, porridge.
pawky, shrewd.
pechin', panting.
pen-gun, pop-gun; to crack like a pen-gun, to be very loquacious.
pit, put.
pleugh, plough.
pooched, pocketed.
poopit, pulpit.
poother, powder.
precentor, leader of psalmody.
pree, taste.
puddens, bowels.
pu'in', pulling.
quate, quiet.
rackit, stretched, sprained.
rale, real.
ravel't, confused.
reid, red.
reid-heidit, red-headed.
richt, right.
rife, common, widespread.
riggin', ridge of a house.
rivin', tearing.
rizzon, reason.
roondit, rounded.
roup, sale.
row, roll, wrap up.
rout, roar.
rubbin'-post, post for cattle to rub against.
ruggit, pulled roughly.
runt, an old hag.
sair, sore.
sair'd, served.
sark, shirt.
sassenach, Saxon, Southron.
saugh, willow.
saut, salt.
sax, six.
scartit, scratched.
scunnert, disgusted to the verge of nausea.
shakers, pit the shakers on me, set me trembling with fear.
shauchle, shamble, walk in a shuffling manner.
shoon, shoes.
shouther, shoulder.
sib, related, like.
sic, such.
siccar, sure.
sicht, sight.
sichtit, sighted.
siller, money.
sin, since.
sinon, sinew; wi' a gey teuch sinon in your neck, possessed of good
skaith, harm.
skeely, skilful.
sklimmin', climbing.
slocken, quench, allay.
smeddum, spirit, mettle.
smiddy, smithy.
smirr, slight fall (of rain or snow).
smoor, smoort, smother, smothered.
snappit, snapped.
snaw, snow.
snell, piercing.
socht, sought.
soo, sow.
sookeys, suckers; sookers for bairns, children's so-called
soondin', sounding, examination with a stethoscope.
soopled, suppled.
sooth, South.
sough, rushing sound; to sough awa', to breathe his last.
spails, splinters, shavings.
spak, spoke.
spate, flood.
specks, spectacles.
sporran, pouch worn with the kilt.
spunks, matches.
stappin', stepping.
starns, stars.
staw'd, surfeited.
steer, disturbance.
stiddy, steady.
stoundin', aching.
stour, dust.
strae, straw; in the strae, in child-bed.
straught, straight.
stude, stood.
sutten-doon, habitual, chronic, settled.
swat, sweated.
swatch, portion, specimen.
sweer, unwilling, obstinate.
sweerin', scolding.
switin', sweating.
syne, since, ago.
sypes, oozes.
tack, lease.
taed, toad (used affectionately or otherwise of a person).
tapsalteerie, head over heels, topsy-turvy.
tastin', small quantity.
tatties, potatoes.
tauld, told.
tel't, told.
teuch, tough.
thae, those.
thee, thigh.
thocht, thought, worry, care.
thole, endure.
thowless, thewless, inactive, feeble.
thrang, busy.
tick, credit.
till, to.
timmer, timber.
tinkler, tinker.
tint, lost.
tirravee, fit of passion.
tow, rope.
trailin', walking slowly.
traivelled, walked.
trampin', walking.
tribbles, troubles.
trokit, done business in a small way.
tryst, appointment, make an appointment.
tuggit, tugged.
tuilzie, quarrel, fight, skirmish.
twa-fauld, bent nearly double.
tyne, lose.
ugsome, ugly.
unco, very.
unctioneer, auctioneer.
upbye, at a little distance higher.
usquebae, whisky.
verra, very.
waddin', wedding.
waesomely, woefully.
wag-at-the-wa', wall clock with long pendulum.
wale, choose.
wame, belly.
wark, work.
warl, world.
warsled, wrestled.
warslin', wrestling.
warst, worst.
wat, wet; wat his whustle, took a drink.
wauken, waken.
waur, worse.
wean, child.
weel, well.
weel-a-wat, I think truly.
weel-on, well on, fairly drunk.
weet, wet; to weet the bairnie's heid, to drink the health of the
new-born child.
weird, fate.
wersh, insipid.
wey, way.
whaur, where.
whiles, sometimes.
whilk, which.
whustle, whistle.
widdy, gallows.
winnock, window.
won'er, wonder.
wow! I exclamation of surprise.
wrang, wrong.
wreetin', writing.
wricht, carpenter.
wrocht, worked.
wud, mad.
wull, will.
wullin', willing.
yaird, yard.
yarkit, jerked.
yokit, started keenly.
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David Rorie

David Rorie, MDCM, DPH (1867 – 18 February 1946) was a doctor, folklorist and poet writing in his native language, Scots. As a poet he is known chiefly for his authorship of the well-known song, 'The Lum Hat wantin' the Croon', (sung in Ladysmith during the siege, and widely amongst Scots troops in the Great War) and a volume of collected poems which appeared under that title in 1935. Educated at Aberdeen and Edinburgh Universities, where he gained an MD in 1908, he was for some years joint Editor of the Caledonian Medical Journal, contributing numerous articles to that journal as well as to the Edinburgh Medical Journal and the British Medical Journal, and becoming a well-known authority on matters of public health in Scotland. As an enthusiastic collector and editor of Scottish folklore he is known for his interest in folk-medicine and his authorship of Folklore of the Mining Folk of Fife (Folklore Society, 1912) - this last stemming no doubt from his period as a busy doctor in Bowhill (Cardenden), FifeDr Rorie served in the RAMC during the 1914-18 War, attained the rank of colonel, and was awarded the DSO and Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur.  more…

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