"Awakened Reverie: Embracing Life's Journey"

New seeds now are planted, fresh crops we shall yield—  
A wiser, more fertile soil than before.   
Past wounds, though still aching, begin to heal  
As purpose and meaning renew and restore.
With insight and courage we move ahead,   
Not bound by old shadows, resentment, or blame  
But reaching beyond to new paths as yet un-tread—  
The heart, once abandoned, lights up and flames.

Each breath inhaled deeply, mind and body aligned,  
Strength rising, we welcome what lies ahead.  
The weights of old burdens, bitterness left behind;  
Now unencumbered, we rise up instead.  
No more looking backward with sorrow or shame,   
Regretting wrong turns, quarreling over what's done.   
That moment has passed; a new chance we must claim—  
Awake and aware, we walk forward as one.

Together, yet also alone when required,   
At times the heart needs solitude to mend.  
Missteps along the way, lessons acquired;   
Humility sought where pride sought revenge.   
With compassion imbued, yet boundaries held clear,   
Both wisdom and kindness our vision infuse.   
Thus integrated and whole, we no longer fear—  
From stillness, insight arises and steadies our views.

Each soul on its journey, together yet free,   
Intertwining at times, then diverging awhile.   
With courage we welcome all that shall be,   
Embracing each moment with care and with guile.   
For opening requires strength and daring,   
Vulnerability summons untold trials.   
Yet in surrender, true victories are faring—  
When we risk ourselves growth and change can be viral.  

Along this path, some shall elect to depart   
Or spurn further walking life's twists and terrains.   
With grace accept all that shall be set apart—  
Not all seasons together will weather the rains.  
Gather wisdom from both concord and strife;   
When it comes time to leave, may your steps be at peace.   
What was given, received now with thanks from this life;   
When it's time to release, let that burden cease.

For all that arises shall also decline;   
What flowers must fade, trees shed leaves in their time.   
Hold loosely the gifts on loan for awhile;   
When the moment dissolves, toss regrets to the fire.   
These pains and les go, waves rising and falling;   
Trust all in its time will balance and mend.   
Meet sorrows with courage, joys with thanksgiving;   
Thus aligned at each turn, we walk without end.

For end this is not, merely change coming 'round   
From life into life, death to rebirth.   
The thread interconnects all, though unseen, yet profound;
We walk by faith, discerning some purpose and worth.    
When the hurt opaque becomes clear,    
Compassion shall flow for these souls once held dear.    
Grace comes in releasing the past that held bound;    
Then we walk on, unchained, healed—the circle complete.

So we do not conclude but continue the rhyme,   
Shedding skin, transforming, revolving through seasons.   
The dance never ceases—we rest then revive, climb,    
Traversing all valleys and peaks without reasons.   
Blazing the trail where no footprints impress,    
We charge forth undaunted by all that may test.    
With hearts joined as one, hands linked, spirits made bold,    
We laugh with abandon and sally forth to behold.

Behold the vast vista in colors ablaze!    
A portrait in motion, alive and awake.    
Each soul breath infused, no fear can amaze;    
In harmony moving, all discords we slake.   
Each rhythm in time, every voice in its verse;    
No dissonance jangles—one choir now immersed.    
The stream flows on ceaseless, the path wanders free;    
We walk with sure footsteps, whoever we be.

Whoever we are, wherever we stand,    
At the end or onset or halfway betwixt,    
With hearts lifted upwards, minds wise, heads unbanned,    
We press on intrepid where light beams and glints.    
What lies just beyond we approach undeterred,   
Not shrinking from challenge or depth undiscovered.   
With boldness we venture where few have traversed,   
Alive in this moment, faith-filled, eyes wide open.

Eyes opening gradually, spirit now yearning    
For horizons expanding, potentials unknown   
That awaken and rise like a sun slowly burning    
Its mist away as it ascends to full grown.    
Each limiting veil drops in turn with each season,    
As broader realities dawn and renew.   
From cocoon to new life, death but a reason    
To transform; we emerge changed, wings spread and hands free.

Hands free now to sculpt life anew as we must,    
To build and conceive, destroy and release.   
Unbound by conventions, compelled to risk trust    
And channels where passion and calling hold peace.    
No matter the terrain, we traverse and climb on—    
O'er mountains or deserts or wild, grassy plains.    
With boldness, wherever the heart lights upon,    
We follow its whisper, denying no terrain.

No terrain can deter us, no storm hold dominion;    
All barriers crumble by spirit's command.   
Past fetters now broken, freedom our mission—    
To manifest fully the life we have planned.    
Not bounded by fear, regret, guilt or illusion,    
But charging ahead without need to prove.   
For now we have touched the pure heart of our being—    
In freedom we revel, in truth we are moving.

Moving as one, yet each blazing their trail.    
Together we march, separately venture and grow.    
All rivers converge; one sea shall not fail    
To welcome each current wherever they flow.    
In unison singing, one vast cosmic choir,    
Each voice rings distinct, not subsumed, but belending.    
Climb on undivided, yet not going entire—    
Stay true to your vision, on wisdom depending.

Depending on wisdom, yet also on faith    
As we face the unknown that tomorrow will bring.    
With trust we give over what we can't control or change    
And welcome new blessings experience shall spring.    
For rivers meander and seasons revolve;    
Each in its purpose contributes in time.    
Reflect and be grateful for all you've been given;    
The joy and the sorrow both sacred and divine.

Divine is this journey we walk step by step    
Without resolution, nor foreseeable end.    
But reveling in rhythms that rise and ebb,   
We welcome each moment that comes to transcend.    
Transcending the past and the future conceived,    
We rest in this now, every breath a new birth.    
Each instant reborn, nothing fully achieved,    
Yet endlessly flowing, we celebrate life on this earth.

On earth we are planted, yet also take flight    
Into realms that exceed flesh and bone.    
The form but a vessel for spirit burning bright,    
That when released, sees itself fully full-grown.    
No ending this spark, it cannot diminish    
But finds its true home in infinity's hearth.    
So fear not the changing of garments and finish—    
That which you are persists and pervades all the earth.  

Pervading the earth and the heavens alike,    
The all and the void, the darkness, the light.    
No confines can hamper nor fetters spike    
The soul's graceful unfolding that pushes toward height.    
But height is not up there, nor realization afar;    
It dwells in this moment, at heart always near.    
Open within to receive its elixir and balm;    
It pours forth its wisdom to those with ears here.

Ears here are attuned to the subtle, the small,    
Not seeking grand visions but humble rebirth.    
Fulfillment is now; it is given to all;    
Receive it with gladness, walk steady on earth.    
For here our feet stand, our bodies abide;    
The spirit with form works as one unified.    
Celebrate duly this union holy—    
Matter and essence combined sanctified.  

Sanctified wholly, the temple rebuilt    
On firm understanding, compassion and care.    
No longer divided or shattered or guilt,    
But awakened, aligned, vulnerable, bare.    
Stand tall in your truth, framed sturdy with grace;    
No need to dissemble or strive to replace    
This intricate being you've slowly shaped—    
A new benediction on the human race.

The human in race running time without end,    
Or seeming to be so as far as we see.    
But time is a dream; space forms models to rend    
And give the appearance of you, them and me.    
But deep in our essence we traverse as one,    
No matter how far our rivers appear to run.    
The ocean receives every distant stream;    
Distinction's illusion; oneness truth's reign.

Reign now, sacred oneness, that we may perceive    
Our real nature unified, whole and complete.    
Guide us to walk with compassion and breathe    
As one body enlivened from head to feet.    
May we see beyond words that divide and structure,    
But sink in the stream flowing deep beneath.    
Here souls commune in silence past conjecture;    
In quiet, our hearts feel each pulsing beat.

Each pulse now synchronized, body and soul,    
Mind tranquil and calmed of its chatter and noise.    
No inner conflict divides us; we are whole;    
At peace, we can hear the true inner voice.    
It whispers of freedom, dissolving our burdens—    
Release the dead weight sorrow and shame.    
Unclasp now your heart, let its boundaries open;    
Walk forth unrestrained, trust life's ebb and flow once again.  

Again and again we awaken anew    
As veils drop away and new light enters in.    
Each breath resurrects, we are born and renew,    
As outlooks expand and we transcend our skin.    
Rejoicing we greet the emergence of spirit    
Now unfettered by fear's limitations and binding.    
With boldness it takes over; we walk more awake—    
Igniting our purpose, the moment reminding.

Reminded we are of life's sanctified reign    
In all things abiding according to place.    
The right for the season; the constant in change;    
Serenity found in embracing this grace.    
No more seeking arrival but relishing presence;    
Not grasping or judging, just opening eyes    
To beauty surrounding, if we stay but observant—    
Then wonder unfolds under dawn-blushing skies.

Skies blush at the glimpse of vast spirit unfolding    
Through matter, time, space—all illusion in form.    
No beginning, no end, always transforming;    
Reality's matrix death but rebirth's norm.    
Release expectations fixed rigidly forward;    
Past phantoms hold no sway in this hallowed abode.    
Surrender and marvel at life self-rewarded;    
Swim in the stream flowing fresh from its source.

Its source a vast ocean we cannot convey    
In symbols or words to circumscribe or express.    
Our forms but a wave on its surface at play;    
In depths dwells a mystery nothing can impress.    
Be still and attune to its boundless extension;    
Allow shallow noise to recede from your mind.    
The moment holds riches exceeding conception;    
Awaken its wonder by journeying inward to find

To find the first flicker behind dark and light,    
The silence enfolding all motion and noise,    
The void's endless fount ever gushing insight,    
The essence of essence defying all voice.    
Right here it does dwell, not in some distant heaven    
But pulsing through veins in each microscopic cell.    
Unseen yet so potent its blossoms are given    
To those minds that patiently listen and dwell.

And dwell in the stillness past rush and confusion,    
Insights arise to illumine our way.    
From calm observation springs purposeful fusion—    
Clarity's dawn after night's turmoil at bay.    
With diligence tending this innermost garden,    
Weeding out brambles of chaos within,    
Order and beauty find space for emerging;    
The fruits of true wisdom grow steadfast from din.

From inner din ceasing, the voice becomes clear    
That whispers of meaning not framed into words.    
In frequencies subtle this guidance rings near    
If we but suspend our insistence on thoughts.    
Beyond mind's machinations, the heart comprehends    
A presence unfurling through stillness of being.    
Surrendering structure, this truth apprehends—    
We rest in its hands, from life's burdens unbinding.

Unbinding the knots we have tied unaware    
Through patterns of fear, separation, and doubt.    
In stillness these shadows dissolve in thin air,    
Exposed by the light timeless presence breathes out.    
No longer divide nor sever life whole;    
In oneness we thrive beyond death and despair.    
The darkness but makes the pure light more extolled—    
Have courage, yield not, soon joy shines through nightmares.  

Nightmares recede as the spirit breaks chains    
Of smallness and fear bred of false isolation.    
No more to be bound in self-limiting planes    
But arising triumphant to claim manifestation.    
What glories abide when we conquer illusion    
And walk this terrain sure, with boldness inspired!    
Fulfill now your life’s deepest yearned mission—    
Blaze forth undivided; let passion be fired.

Be fired by the embers of starlight above    
That dwell in you too, though obscured for a time.    
Fan flames of your faith; step forth in Self's love;    
Don't waver nor question the diamond you're mining.    
Stay true to the spark guiding on through the night;    
It banishes darkness with bold illumination.    
Each soul has its gift to bestow shining bright—    
Bring yours forth undimmed for the world's celebration.

Celebration of life pulsing deep and afar    
Yet rooted right here, interwoven, sublime.    
Traversing all realms between moonbeam and star,    
Breathing as one through compassionate times.    
Stay steadfast, walk onward, but don't overlook    
The wonder and beauty abounding nearby.    
There are hands needing yours—take the time to partake    
In service and kindness before the rich day passes by.

Passes by so quickly, the ripe fruit of living,    
If we fail to slow down and be present within.    
In hurry, we miss the deep succulence giving    
Full flavor that patient awareness takes in.    
So pause and breathe deeply; survey the terrain;    
Absorb every detail with eyes undefended.    
Simple wonders unfold when we drink life's wine—    
The cup overflows with elixir upended.

Upended, shaken awake from our slumber,    
Routines no longer hold imagination chained.    
Each moment breathes magic, no longer encumbered—    
As children again, in this freedom unfeigned.    
Unleash the wild spirit that chafes at convention    
And delights in meandering new trails uncharted.    
Go forth without limit, every star you beckon—    
The cosmos responds when souls cannot be fettered.

Fettered no more by fear’s barbed-wire enclosure    
But freed to engage all terrain promising.    
With boldness we seize life’s delightful exposure—    
No holding back now from its challenges springing.    
Each twist brings rewards unimagined when taking    
The course the heart thrills to, refusing denial.    
When doors open wide, faith responds by partaking—    
Life floods in with gladness, banishing trial.

Trials transmuted to blessings unfold    
When met with calm mind and unshaken belief.    
Out of darkness, wisdom’s petals have bloomed—    
Have hope, shadows recede; joy awaits past grief.    
Grief cannot persist under grace’s reign    
That permeates all things existing through time.    
Love's victory certain, though sadness and pain    
Obscure for awhile the sublime.

Sublime is this vision rousing from night    
To hope's new beginnings after loss quelled.    
Though sorrow may linger, joy dawns fresh and bright    
When heartsthrilled and open to life are compelled    
Compelled by some presence gently insisting    
"Awaken, arise, your potential claim!"    
We hear though half-dreaming and now stand resisting    
No more slumber's enfolding, igniting life's flame.  

Life's flame, having waned, now rekindled anew    
Not forsaking the embers remaining at core.    
With breath and with care, now passion imbues    
Fresh fuel, fanning up, blazing forth more    
More ardently dancing, all fetters now shed,    
From the ruins emerging, muscled and bold.    
No dwelling on loss but surging ahead    
To embrace the new dawn arising gold.

Arising gold, peeking over the clouds    
The light of new days, the dark nearly done    
The veil lifting gently, night's shroud    
Now banished by bold rays victorious won    
Victorious sun climbing up from the deep    
Darkness receding as shadows give flight    
No corner too far for this warmth reaching    
All awakened, revived in new light.  

About this poem

This poem is a beautifully intricate exploration of personal growth, transformation, and the cyclical nature of life. It speaks to the idea that each moment is a chance for renewal and that, despite challenges and setbacks, we can always find purpose and meaning in our journey. The poem emphasizes the importance of living in the present, letting go of the past, and embracing the unknown future with courage and openness. It encourages us to connect with our inner selves, find oneness with the world, and celebrate the beauty and wonder of life. The recurring theme of light and darkness, night and day, mirrors the idea that life is a constant cycle of change and growth, and that through faith, resilience, and self-discovery, we can emerge stronger and more awakened. 

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Written on January 23, 2021

Submitted by Mawphniang.Napoleon on November 04, 2023

14:33 min read

Quick analysis:

Scheme Text too long
Closest metre Iambic hexameter
Characters 16,441
Words 2,877
Stanzas 41
Stanza Lengths 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8

Mawphniang Napoleon

Mawphniang is a person who is always striving to live life to the fullest. He is someone who is always open to new ideas and ways of living and is unafraid to take risks in order to explore the unknown. He is passionate about life and is always looking for ways to make use of his time and energy. He has an inquisitive nature, and is always looking for answers to life's mysteries and questions. Though Mawphniang does not pretend to have all the answers, he is determined to taste life and live a simple life, without overcomplicating things. He's a person who appreciates the small moments and cherishes the little things in life. He enjoys spending time in nature, exploring the world, and connecting with people. He is a person who is always up for a new adventure and never stops learning. He is on a daily journey of self-discovery, trying to make sense of the world and his place in it. more…

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