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The Tao of Wholeness

There can be no way
but The Way of the Tao.
He who knows Tao,
no longer has need to search;
for he has found completion.

Completion unites
the divisions within us;
our opposing parts.
Those are “the ten thousand things”
that distract us...

Karl Constantine FO…
Remember This, Friend

Remember this, friend.
After all is said and done.
At your journey’s end.
Psyche always possessed you.
You are its prize...

Karl Constantine FO…
Ode to Ting Chiao

Take the path where the river flows.
Immerse yourself in its softness.
Nurture that which bends without breaking.
Glide with the wind; sail effortlessly.

Clear your mind from wandering thought.
Hear that which is silent to others.

Karl Constantine FO…

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