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Open Mind

Why when someone writes a poem of Jesus,
the one you truly love .
Why must there be haters of the Word?
Do they not know,
Jesus still loves them so?
Please do not bash my Lord,
the haters of the light.
When you hate my poem,
it is not me you hate.
You hate the everlasting God.
The one who gave you life,
that you may be living today. 
Give God a chance,
in the end you will see.
Jesus loves all who seek Him.

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Susan Wall 11 months ago
please to the unbelievers ,just read this poem with aopen mind with understanding about my Lord.
Poetry.com 4.8 out of 5 based on 6 votes.
Dhirendra Kumar Panda 11 months ago
I agree with your expressions. I like your poem and love Jesus. Beautifully you have composed.
Susan Wall 11 months ago
thank you Dhirendra, i always value what you say.
Wayne P 11 months ago
http://poetry.com/poems/1086153-Pray You might be interested in my poem, Pray! I hope you read it if you have the time :) Great poem by the way!
Susan Wall 11 months ago
i did ansd gave you a 5 star thank you for sharing
Timothy Tapps 11 months ago
Very nice
Susan Wall 11 months ago
thank you
Avantika Shukla 11 months ago
ri8 dear
Susan Wall 11 months ago
thank youfor the support that is so nice
Alex Harris 11 months ago
I like the ending
Susan Wall 11 months ago
Amadai Nicolas 11 months ago
Thanks for reminding
Susan Wall 11 months ago
thank you
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