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Nelson Mandela

6 by ex poet
From Cairo to Keptown the air is  full of tears
All the earth today pouring the black sadness  wihspers
Afirca!! put on more black night
he died , the son , the father, the knight
Africa !! from all my heart
I am praying to God to enable us to bear the hurt 
Africa!! the  body is burried in the ground
but all the values he left behined 
He shall remain the renewable lighting human sun
for all the continuous coming generations run
He shall remain the freedom guidance  eternal manual 
for all the mankind in the  life residual
We all Africans , our pride is dual
pride of having and relating to Nelson  Mandela 
pride toward the world  we gave Nelson  Mandela 

Mandela , the song of  freedom guidance
Mandela , the human power tolerance
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ex poet 11 months ago
Friends who wrote about Mandela what about gathering our poems in one book and try to publish it , we can do cooperate
ex poet 11 months ago
thanks Guilty
mohamad amirzadeh 11 months ago
i love it. i like to know your critics about my poem : http://www.poetry.com/poems/1086013-I-m-a-flower
ex poet 11 months ago
thank you mohammad i do not need to send me your link i have it in my favorite bar
Anna Laurencio 11 months ago
very good bay Mandela , the song of freedom guidance Mandela , the human power tolerance ......................anna here
ex poet 11 months ago
thank you anna , from brain &heart to the labtop bay here
ex poet 11 months ago
anna you are invited to write about mandela
Jason Sky Johnson 11 months ago
You can feel the spirited inspiration of the person who wrote this poem. That is one of the fundamental concepts that makes a good poem. When it doesn't just sound like words that are meant to rhyme, but they have altered your perspective by forcing you to feel that their is integrity behind their words.
ex poet 11 months ago
thank you brother jason
Donka Krsteva 11 months ago
beautifully written, loving tribute
ex poet 11 months ago
thank you Donka welcome to my page
Marwa Zaidan 11 months ago
Well done (Where u been I havent heard nuthing from you Are u doing fine?)
ex poet 11 months ago
thanks Marwa i get bored from the site , may take a break to review my posted and delete the current to post the good new ones. if you need any help in studying arabic or anything else that is my mail bba1971958@yahoo.com
Rhonda :) 11 months ago
Aww I love this! You did a wonderful job expressing this! Thank you for sharing this very heartfelt poem ex!
ex poet 11 months ago
miss you beauty agent
Rhonda :) 11 months ago
Aww I've missed you too! :)
ex poet 11 months ago
keep in touch
Rhonda :) 11 months ago
Always :)
ex poet 11 months ago
my pleasure having your....
ex poet 11 months ago
how r u today
Rhonda :) 11 months ago
Hey, I'm doing good :) I hope you are doing good too!
Faheem Jawaid 11 months ago
Wonderfully written ex poet. Kudos !
ex poet 11 months ago
thank you ostaz teacher
Guilty Pleasure 11 months ago
We are all Africans. Thank you, ex.
ex poet 11 months ago
brother!! ooh hi
malenky malenky 11 months ago
ex poet 11 months ago
thank you malenky
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