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 I have a child, a son, now a man,
Who refuses to speak to me again.
It hurt a little for me to know,
But I had to just let him go.
A misunderstanding occurred,
Result of it has long endured.
I finally came to the conclusion,
Changing him was an illusion.
Could not live my in useless pain,
Hanging on to him would, no gain.
I had my life, he didn’t want me,
I had to stand back a little and see,
If a resolution would forthcoming,
For a while it was uneasy, numbing.
All I ever wanted for my offspring,
Was for them successful and free.
So I let him go seek his own path,
No reason to with my son to clash.
Wished him best luck in the future,
Hoping that he would finally mature.
We still don’t even communicate,
But our lives differ, don’t relate.
He is now a success on his own,
Not any need for me to atone.
I’m proud of him in spite of all,
There are times I wish he would call.
If I never again get to see my son,
I will still proud of what he has done.

For many years we had  a good relationship.  There were problems at times, but that is normal.  He misread an email I had sent to someone else and made up his mind about what I had written.  He ended the relationship and even today he will not communicate with any of the family, which had nothing to do with our problem.  He is his own person making his life as he desires.  In spite of everything, I still love him and respect his decisions.    

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Mohammad Rohani ( Najva Kashani ) More than 1 year ago
I like the poem though I feel sorry for the break of relationship
Sassy Lilly Emery More than 1 year ago
Eric-kim Clayton More than 1 year ago
the flow of this work was great. The emotions that it inspired was close to that of suffering a loss from death. Although the one you lost is still living. Heart wrenching, honest and brave
Beautiful Disaster More than 1 year ago
Loved it
Anna Laurencio More than 1 year ago
good read
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