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About Me and My Poetry

Born 1935 in a half dug out near the " Pack Saddle Bridge," within five miles of the small town of Camargo,Oklahoma, growning up during the Dust Bowl days and amid the early days of the Texas Panhandle Oil Fields, observing WW11 as a child, graduating from Borger,Texas High School and marrying in the early fifties, raising two children Tonya and Brenton through the sixties and seventies and taking care of her parents and parent-in-laws through the nineteen nineties has given Omajean Lewis a unique perspective on life. When not traveling and enjoying her family with her husband Dalton of 61 years, Oma is active as an artist, photographer,poet and writer. In 2012 she was chosen, "Pampa Fine Arts Association, Artist of The Year."

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About My Poem

She asked for white daisies in death.
Her favorite flower during her life,
White daisies for a life time of purity,
... continued
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What's more precious than a puppy,
Dancing around your feet,
Standing on his hind legs,
... continued
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My little doggie he's so sweet,
Always meeting me at our door,
Dancing a lively jig at my feet,
... continued
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Dog is man's best friend,
Do you concur with me,
Nothing, no one is so loyal,
... continued
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I had never felt death, Until my father died, There was a deep dark emptiness, That filled my hollow insides. Death leaves nothing to hold onto, Nothing to touch, nothing to see, Nothing left behind, Just a small part of my father in me. Nothing that belonged to my father, Seems as if it was really his, All of his worldly treasures, Belongs to no one.  I go to his closet, His clothes hang in neat rows, His perspiration clings to the materials, From the suites he once chose. Death has never seemed so true, When someone you have loved with all of your heart, Simply disappears from your life, Only in thoughts and dreams do they reappear.
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Have you ever watched a rolling river,
As it snaked it's way across our mighty land,
Wishing you were traveling along,
... continued
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When I was young and adventures,
I took a car trip to my Aunt and Uncle's farm,
The Panhandle of Texas was my home,
... continued
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My heart belongs to you,
My sweet, handsome man,
I loved you before I met you,
... continued
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A little frog came to my door,
I'm looking for bugs,
Can you help me find more,
... continued
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Dubble bubble chewing gum,
My favorite since the war had begun,
One of the items that couldn't be bought,
It was only a rememberance, a thought.
It had been several years,
A drug store had gotten some in,
First come first served,
Unless you had a close friend.
My sister was one of the lucky few,
She was chewing having lots of fun,
So were her friends blowing bubbles,
I asked for a piece of their gum.
No gum for me, all had been chewed,
It hurt  that no one seemed to care,
They just blew and chewed away,
Ignoring the fact I was standing there.
Dinner time came soon enough,
Sis placed her gum on the cabinet top,
I kept an eye on where it was laid,
If I were devious enough it would not stay.
As I got up from the table,
I quickly seized the chewed gum,
Umm, Double Bubble the very best,
The gum was worth my all day quest.
I was discovered in minutes by sis,
She was telling mama what I had done,
I offered it back, of course she said,"No,"
What was I to do except,  blow a bubble.

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