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About Me and My Poetry

I have many poems in this data base, I find poetry a way of saying something the evokes thought. some people do not get it, but you can not please everyone. I am a Christian, I believe in Jesus Christ. I pull information out of me from my ethics, and beliefs

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About My Poem

All that we have and all we will have God has provides
Some have more than others, not from lack of his love
Be he truly test us, for our hearts to revive
... continued
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Brings out the best
Cause she fits like a glove
Though she doesn't see
... continued
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It sometimes is not the words
but the ones left un-said
that leaves a man wondering
... continued
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Just holding on to know the truth,
When so many around us can't see the proof
For two thousand year his name's on our lips
... continued
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Think about the existence of God and why we all are here,
That the Bible has true teachings, for God holds us dear
And know that all the arguments show only one thing
That man at this tine thinks he knows everything

We humans argue about everything underneath the sun
Though God has given us everything so we can get things done
We like to believe our opinion will make a daily difference
And yet we all live our lives under a self made false pretense

We seem to live life knowing that we're broke and flawed
But we never see or even know God's there or when he's called=br />We live on a daily whim that someday it will stop
But won't accept any change or our self righteous bubble might pop

Through the existence of man civilizations come and they go
And we haven't learned the very thing that made them start to grow
We push God out of the picture and believe we're in control
But one thought from our God shows more than we will ever know

God's will is there to lead us, and make a better us
To love and to guide us, In him we have to trust
God provides it all, and is there for all in time
So listen to God you'ld be surprised the you that you will find

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Learning of Life

You can put a definition that some's up each thing in ones life situations
... continued
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Crying for the smallest little reason
From things stored so deep so dark
Seems the mind has let the freeze in
... continued
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Looking back it is hard to see
So many things have happened to me
So many changes have taken a place
... continued
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Putting it together,
In a large mixing bowl
Adding all the ingredients,
Kneading a bit to strengthen the soul

A little spice,
To give it some flavor
And salt from the sea
For taste that's to savor

Gold to surround
But only the heart
And put it together
So life is at start

Time has to be added
So growth is just right
And with many years
It will become a good life!

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You don't know where I come from
You may have been where I've been
And had to save your last crumb
... continued
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