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About Me and My Poetry

I have many poems in this data base, I find poetry a way of saying something the evokes thought. some people do not get it, but you can not please everyone. I am a Christian, I believe in Jesus Christ. I pull information out of me from my ethics, and beliefs

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About My Poem

Crying for the smallest little reason
From things stored so deep so dark
Seems the mind has let the freeze in
... continued
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Looking back it is hard to see
So many things have happened to me
So many changes have taken a place
... continued
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Putting it together,
In a large mixing bowl
Adding all the ingredients,
Kneading a bit to strengthen the soul

A little spice,
To give it some flavor
And salt from the sea
For taste that's to savor

Gold to surround
But only the heart
And put it together
So life is at start

Time has to be added
So growth is just right
And with many years
It will become a good life!

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You don't know where I come from
You may have been where I've been
And had to save your last crumb
... continued
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If I say the things you've wanted to here,
I'd scream it out loud, so that it was so clear,
That nothing, would ever need to be questioned
My word would soar,to a lasting impression

And find my belief, deep in my heart
To follow the path Lord,you did chart
You will see that the prayers, I have pleaded
That in the lives of man , you are truly needed

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The clap of thunder, that rattles the widow,
The earth shakes, and moves city landscapes
The impact of planets, crashing together,
... continued
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She has a smile that stops you right in your tracks
And when you pass by her , you have to look back
She isn't perfect, but that is ok
... continued
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Poor is a word
Nothing more nothing less
It is associated with, being penniless
... continued
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I'm guided to a path, laid out for my girl and I
But as a man my thoughts made all my past a lie
So God walks with me and reassures me of my worth
But my thoughts will fight in my head so they're given birth
I want my girl's future with me, to truly live on passion
Our foundation so strong it will never ever crash in
I want our time to always be, based on love and caring
So that we will be enthralled at the love that we are sharing
God set this course of action for her and I it's true
He'll be right with us in all steps to show what we should do
He's crossed our paths to help us in our hearts calling
And holds us tight together to keep love from stalling
God is wondrous I say, and I believe with all of me
He provides the things needed for her and I to be
He's teaching me patients , to help me understand
She is truly different as there are grains of sand

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It's all in the mind
Chiming in all the time
With longing hope

With a future, laid out
Put In motion by God
Hearts desire is still at a distance
Life not a fling
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