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You know I told you from the start
That all I'd do is break your heart.
You didn't listen; they never do.
What am I to do with you?

I wanted your body, not your mind,
Because, you know, I'm not the kind
Of girl that wants to settle down.
Now you're just acting like a clown,
Pulling rabbits out of hats
All to try to win me back
When you should know I was never yours.
Please stop trying to wage wars.
You're the losing side, sad to say.
Maybe you'll understand one day,
But for now that day will not come
And yet you're still under my thumb.

While you're thinking, please entrust
That the only thing I love is lust.
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A letter on a box of soul 
Curbed words in my dearly loved 
Cannot express my true feeling 
Prison emotions of saying I love you 

A treasure glancing with you for a moment 
Your smile gives me a doorway of forever 
I want to hug in you in my dreams 
I want to share and care you as my precious dearest 

My silence will hold on my heart 
My secret will not be known that you are my one and only 
Words on my mind is only your most cherish name 
A simple glimpse with you is a bright star dream 

Thank you for all the wonderful and admirable moments 
Those things are unforgettable heaven-sent times 
Goodbye and need to break the chain of overflowing passion 
Tears in my eyes with deepest hurt saying Goodbye, my Beloved.  

by Bong Herbert Guitang 
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1. wake up. do not look at your phone he didn't text you. i know it's hard pulling the warm sheets off of you because they remind you of the way his arms wrapped around you but think about the time he held you too tight and you were afraid and get out of bed.
2. take a shower. wash off the touch of his arms and replace it with healing water. try not to close your eyes, it's easier to forget that way.
3. eat breakfast. he always viewed you as small and weak but you will be strong and you will march through the day without him. pack a snack.
... continued
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where im from its ok to drink, and smoke a cigeratte
where your from its called class to have a wine glass
and pass a gossip or two
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Why do I have to feel so sad?
Why can I not be happy?
An emotion that doesn't have to be explained
... continued
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He created the Heavens
He created the Earth
He rules over all things
... continued
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Wish I had the chance to say
You're my only love everyday
Always appreciated
... continued
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Imagine life is just a dream,
it passes faster than it seems.
Our childhood seems like yesterday,
... continued
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the goddess Night
having taken all the light
... continued
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Wake up, Wake up, im so sorry you were dreaming.
He's not really standing there.
Wake up, Wake up, he heard your screaming,
... continued
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