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Woke up in a cold sweat,and my heart was beating fast.
I was dealing with a fealing,that I hoped would come to pass .
Reached out for my cigaretts,but someone grabbed my hand.
Pulled me in a mystery,I didn'understand.

Had to face a Giant problem,now I know how David felt.
Quoting Shakespear backwards,with the cards that Frued had dealt.
See Einstein had a theory,Charles Darwin didn't know.
Was it painted on the ceiling,by Michael Angelo ?

I was tied up with Houdini,built cars with Henry Ford.
Played chess like Mr.Morphy,on Fischer's Ouija board.
Rode with The Four Horsemen,I sat in Buddha's chair.
Went blind with Helen Keller,combed Cleopatra's hair.

Did an interview with Satan,had a beer with Genghis Khan.
Shared thoughts with Aristotle,waved Merlin's magic wand.
Got shot with John F. Kennedy,I was crucified with Christ.
Burned with Joan of Arc that day,rolled thirteen on the dice.

Wrote a book with J.D. Salinger,built a house with Frank Lloyd Wright.
Shared a poem with Emily Dickenson,and slept with her that night.
Rode A Streetcar Named Desire,through Eliots Wasteland.
Shook hands with Nostadamus,played in Sgt. Peppers Band.

Hung out with Confucius,sat on Auther Miller's desk.
Went down with The Titanic,came up in Budapest.
Walked around in Babylon,when God was hard to find.
Stood right next to Hemingway,the day he blew his mind.

Lived in Mores Utopia,and rode a unicorn.
I was standing in the manger,the night the Child was born.
Rang the bells with Quasimodo,
kept a diary with Anne Frank.
Took the axe from Lizzy Borden,
wrote Your Cheating Heart with Hank.

Drank out of the Silver Cup,spent time on Noah's Ark.
Wrote a poem with Numbers,sang Dirges in the dark.
Then I flew upon a Pegasus,to seek The Holy Grail.
Broke Cinderella's slipper,freed Jonah from the whale.

I came across this Prophet,who was writing in the sand.
His thoughts were packed together,like sardines in a can.
He said life is just a shadow,that is cast upon the soul.
Was he John the Baptist,or Edgar Allen Poe ?

Got picked up by a U.F.O.met Daren's Ten Foot Frog.
Opened up Pandora's Box,got bit by Pavlov's Dog.
Looked out of my window,and I saw myself go by.
I was walking with Da Vinci,and that Galileo guy.

On the corner I saw Hilter,
he was holding a Van Gough.
I kept on hearing Mozart,
or was that Rockin' Roll ?
Now Alice is in Wonderland,
and Atlantis under sea.
But the Piper keeps on piping,
all thosse dreams in you and me.

When I die will I be free,when i die will I be free                                            
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Love makes the bitter sweet and
... continued
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And it was that very moment
... continued
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I Descend into the Sea
Every part of me,
... continued
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"Thhey say the worst prison is
The one that takes your freedom away,
That strips you of your humanity,
... continued
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Getting over you,
It has been a painful thing to do.

... continued
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Look to this day
For it is life
The very life of life
... continued
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It is, it was, and it's still
A lovely little windowsill
I sit, I wait, and I think
... continued
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I hear the worms
... continued
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Gritting my teeth
As I sit in the violent
Quiet and knowing
... continued
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