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I feel so alone,
Like I did before.
I wish you'd show up at my door.
I can't stop crying,
My tears they fall.
I'm curled up against my bedroom wall.
Alone in the dark I sit once again,
Back to the place I've already been.
I cannot sleep,
Yet it's night outside.
I wish you were here right by my side. 
But you have gone,
You have left.
So I am here stressed and depressed. 
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As the years pass by, I keep looking towards the heavens awaiting your arrival I pour my heart out to the lord above daily asking for you, trying to rush gods timing is never good, for his timing is perfect. but I need my salvation, my new start, my heart, my only unanswered prayer. My serenity. so much time has passed and you have still not come to me, time is passing like a hangmans neuce. choking the life slowly out of me, but still I wait. I wait to hold you in my arms to squeeze you, to brush your hair from your angelic face, to love you like no other. I patiently await your arrival so I can comfort you when you cry and take your pains away when your hurt. to make you laugh when your down, to pick you up when you fall. my life already revolves around you and you don't even know yet. you have me wrapped around your pinky with no chance of me coming unwound. I love you so much but still, I haven't seen your face, your precious heart has not yet started to beat, but I can hear its rythum. your own my heart my babygirl, my little lady.. My Serenity Leigh <3 (this was written to me by my ex love Shannon Lee Blythe)
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This thing jangling near
your body, making some ob-
noxious, repeating noise,
... continued
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sometimes i cry & i dont know why,
i start to get this feeling inside,
and i cant seem to find the reason why,
... continued
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Did I gain anything from the strike?
Guppy and Dinobi sharing an okay bike,
Poor Bobby, Tomy and Guilty dropping
... continued
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