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Once again, my heart and pen are at it, craving you so bad, like I'm an attic, I feel like your heart is locked, how do I crack it, its more than attraction, infact, my infatuation took off at your place when, we first kiss then ever since I wanted to be yours, so here I'm stuck in a consolation, you said you saved place for me in your heart, its to late, you left your mark, its hard, for me to just walk away, to abandon what I prayed for, I can't take more, who knows what these days store, since I last saw you the rains poured, through my thoughts of you I've stayed strong, I love you girl, I'll always hang on, mentally what else can I take on, so I wish upon a falling star, close my eyes and calling out, declaring my all, sharing my will and my faults, the wind came to a halt, I gathered my thoughts, seperated my needs from my wants, immediately I knew you were both, so when the Heavens spoke, they knew how real these feelings I hold were no joke, I need you P, your the missing piece, I feel like our love is in reach, but its probably far, put out an ABP calling all cars, how many falling stars must I wish on, before our love can soar.....
Andres Puente
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It's Time

... continued
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Stop short #93; Absence
5ch Chinese Chueh Chu

... continued
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It was circulating quite well
... continued
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            KINSMAN’S  NIGHT
... continued
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If only she knew
my mother also stood
with the same expression
... continued
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Insight -II
... continued
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I bow my head
the old me is dead
... continued
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