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Don't Walk Away

The debris that builds up in my chest
when you're treading through the door
is not worth the pain we've felt,
nor being without you anymore.
The warmth that existed when we unite
is what I truly want to feel.
It reminds me every day
that love is solid and we can heal.
The words uttered are said and gone,
once again, but who's keeping count?
When our actions have been done
what on earth are we to do now?
I am willing to start over
with something that I need to say.
We can't give up on this yet.
Whatever you do, don't walk away.
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David L. Rahorn More than 1 year ago
KEEP WRITING CHANTE! BE MY FRIEND ON FACEBOOK.COM REVIEW MY POEMS HAVE YOU SEEN JOHNNY YET? CHECK LIBRARY! BE A FRIEND BE A FRIEND, one on which others can DEPEND! Set self aside, invest in other’s lives. Let HIS SPIRIT lead in every thought seed! Decide once and for all to give JESUS your all. Keep your decision strong by thinking deeply on HIS WORD to whom you BELONG. BE A FRIEND like JESUS is to you every moment FAITHFUL and TRUE! 9/12/13 SONG
Maira Javaid More than 1 year ago
calling for patch up
Alan Green 'Guppyman' More than 1 year ago
the poet tells of a soul who yearns for a love to be true
Maria Rosado More than 1 year ago
Never give up on love that's true..
UltimateMoralizer Big Picture Person More than 1 year ago
This is deep. Good job!
Cecelia Jeffery More than 1 year ago
you can feel their pain, a poem is supposed to touch you, and this one touched me personally
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