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The Way To Win

Muscle, muscles, everywhere
Our country's obsessed with them I swear.
On magazines,TV,or hometown squares,
Strength is shown throughtheT-shirts we wear.
When strength is gone and muscles are sick,
Where are the pictures to show us this?
Where is the strength of our nation then?
To back up our sick women and men.
So here we stand this very day,
Looking for someone to lead the way.
Someone from all the mountains can yell,
Someone who's voice can be heard like a bell.
Someone whose reputation is tall
Whose word is trusted by one and all,
Its time we make these people well,
Is a message that's heard from Montel.
So this is the messageto which we must swear,
The weight of MS we all most bear.
So come one come all to join our call,
Together we'll make MS fall.
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Maira Javaid More than 1 year ago
for every nation
AKASH SHARMA More than 1 year ago
Levi Oguike More than 1 year ago
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