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Betrayal and revenge

Like soulful voice and an old melody
I needed your love though it’s poisoning whiskey
I swear you’ve got me mad now I’m crazy
But who dares to blame theparched? Yes I’m Thirsty
Darling seriously the love you’re selling
 So dangerous, it’s risky
On the dance floor, hand in hand, we danced slowly
Fell down my knees, begging me to stay, hold me warmly
Told me how much he needed me, so badly
Oh, that sly eye of yours says you’re happy,
When you thought you got me
But the fact you were falling down my knitted net so softly
A year passed, my malignant declared
State myaims: you’ve been deceived
O my Love, Seduction an art I’m good at
I got your heart to I tore it a part
I threw the mask, now you can ask
Why in the hell did I put you throw this?
Sent by the woman you’ve cheat
With a note says
“Beware of women’s greatest deceit”
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Ummi Kalutume More than 1 year ago
It a nice poem I most say. It a good one
Ofuonyebi 'Dinobi More than 1 year ago
Sumita Jetley More than 1 year ago
But denent .
Albert Ross More than 1 year ago
Gordon Stevenson More than 1 year ago
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