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Outside The Box

If you allow yourself to drift outside the box,
Then people think better or worse of you
God looks upon us all as equals
He wants us to be individuals, but not better then another
This world rewards those whose ideas, outside the box, bring
in high volumes of praise and money
The world also judges those who live differently than most
people in any society
with a harshness far more than they deserve
I appeal to those who look for something that no one can
completely do all the time,
That is to stay inside the box
Those who come close to staying inside the box come the
closest to losing their individuality.
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Michael Mcintosh More than 1 year ago
good write
Amiadra Arrington More than 1 year ago
Nice job
Jackie Remler More than 1 year ago
God wants each of us, some to write like this, and some to Preach. Yours is Beautifully done.
Coy Day 3 months ago
Erik Barrett More than 1 year ago
a broader perspective than the one we're all given
Annie B More than 1 year ago
do it again... u can!
Bobby Ferguson More than 1 year ago
saying you appeal to those who do something that no-one else can do all the time, stay inside the box, then say those who stay inside the box come closest to losing their individuality, is contradictory, better to do both and keep all options open, then no-one can expect what you are going to do.
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