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Senses of Love

Let's eat a meal of a passionate flavor
Let me taste the rhythm of ecstasy
My mouth tingles in anticipation of embrace
Lips of mine moisten as ours meet softly
Touch me as the night is upon us
Make me feel alive as only you can
Caress me away to a forbidden life
I'll hold your body gently as our journey ascends
The gentle fragrance you wear shows me you are here
Scents of eroticism abound as you approach me
Your body exudes its own mystical scent
This natural fragrance is what draws me to you
I look at you, and I am in amazement
Seeing the ideal woman standing by me
Your perfect form enhances an angelic face
Flowing hair drapes down, caressing your back
Silence fills the heavy air of the night
I hear you calling me to yourself
Sounds of gentle footsteps mark a wooden floor
In a seductive voice you whisper, "I love you"
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Melanie More than 1 year ago
When I read this poem, I was haunted by the passion, the fire and the explosive yet subtle way in which the author explores the impact of love on each of our senses. It calls to me and lingers like a soft kiss.... Brilliant!!!
Ofuonyebi 'Dinobi More than 1 year ago
Shakil Ahmed Baliyavi More than 1 year ago
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