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(Tiny Angel)

So excited, 10 little fingers & toes .
Patience thin for a little black & white picture .
Heart beating faster & faster the clearer the view got .


So happy, 2 little hands & 1 little nose .
Butterflies swarm in my belly from the determined non-smiling faces in the room .

Two hearts..... One heartbeat .
I could feel mine racing, so i know it wasn't his .

Torn protection .
Lifeless gift .

My heart could have stopped beating at that moment, but instead it just dropped .
Like the disappointed acid that unwillingly fell past my ghost white cheeks & dripped off my discolored lips .

Lifeless laying in the pit of my being .
Breaking & tarnishing my miracle.... my savior .
Left me broken with a curse of incurable memories .

Death was not just inside me waiting to be ripped out of my little angel's environment, but sitting in my mind cause god knows i thought about it .

His memory will soon leave my nightmares & dark disturbing thoughts & lay punctured into my skin forever loved .
As my Tiny Angel .
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James Goforth More than 1 year ago
Made tears come to my face and neck and shirt and pants lol. Thanks
Patricia Immel More than 1 year ago
Very up lifting
Hemant Upadhyay More than 1 year ago
Good.. I liked it.
Dale Wittler More than 1 year ago
The raw emotion here is very real. The hope and promise of life is torn away with a lifeless image. I am curious about the line : "Torn protection." Perhaps an unplanned pregnancy that was accepted and then rejected by some unknown force of nature? What can we do when life is taken away like this before it has a chance to come into the world?
Kaylene Raber More than 1 year ago
"Torn Protection"... I was told by the doctors that the Placenta had a little tear in it .
Deepak Kumar Pattanayak More than 1 year ago
Gift of God taken back by God Himself. Cause known to Him. Have to be content with His doing and undoing.
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