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I'm tired of playing victum, to the ghost;s of boyfriend's past...
Forever was a promise that never seemed to last.
I;m sick of all the torment, Haunting my every dream...
Love was just a word, that no one seemed to mean.
I;m through with the illusions, people hiding behind masks...
Truth was just a question, that no one seemed to ask.
I;m over all the nightmares, Living my life in fear...
Faith was just a concept, that no one seemed to hear.
I'm past the mental anguish, and the hurt I;ve kept inside...
Hope was a fallacy, that none seemed to hide.
I'm beyond the betrayel, and the tears I used to cry...
Pride was a mockery, that never seemed to die.
I'm done with fantasizing, of dellusions that aren't real...
Bliss was an emotion, that no one seemed to feel.
I'm out of all the anger, From the life I let you steal...
Closure for the wound, that never seemed to heal.
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Dm Rumberger More than 1 year ago
interesting read...well written
David Smith More than 1 year ago
I loved it nice read too
Jairus Minsky More than 1 year ago
I see a lot of painful columns would like to see something different.
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