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"A Coached Approach" by R. Craig David

Wading through internet DATs and cogs, outside still raining cats and dogs,
trawling pics and blogs searching for remedies and laws that inhibit logs to saw,
wide eyed face down I sprawl, redefining character flaws, 
fearing my falling into the trappings of urban sprawl,
hitting the wall, lose or draw, an artistic affair or creative outlet dares you to fall.
Insommia vaccums,
drama typhoons,
crooning tunes,
June soon,
feeling marooned waiting for the opportune...well, I still waiting,
Whinning dog...we just went outside...Fine!
Rain drains backlogged, Damned dog. Decide! He takes his time.
Three nights of showers cowering under this street corner lighted power tower unrequited efforts to stay dry.
Moon high. 
Wait, what if I see her? 
Should I dare bare my soul, take control, or say "Hello?" just to know?
Do I want to know? I remember my last pursuance of the truth.
The ubiquitous responsibility of apologies for the skewed knowledge sleuth colleges preclude.
A four, no five year matterless smattering reviewing the hows, whys and whos who of impressionist imbued hues;
learned the concerns of subdued Katmandu coups,
Homer's Odyssey muses, many a siren sank the boats I crewed;
news crews that flew the bird flu news coop and recouped,
skewed suings over Golden Arch morning brew,
tragedies, sonnets, and nothing adieus,
standing in long line registration cues everytime we change major views,
all fueled by a boozing, smokey ballyhoo of Tullamore Dew, brews, tattoos, food, music muses and quoted virtues.
What’s even true and what would you do if you knew, damned logic class…
You're through, “Here’s your paper, now choose.”
The damned inequity of iniquity dams me so I can't break free.
Such an abrupt disruption could erupt great corruption, the destruction is tempting, but doesn't pay rent.
No today, but maybe soon.
June's coming...dryer and higher noon.
R.Craig David
Redux Edition April 1st, 2013 
 Inspired by rain, blame shame, the game and a cute girl just 3 doors down that remains a stranger in my old college town.
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ARUN MAZUMDER More than 1 year ago
yvonne sensing More than 1 year ago
nice poem...keep sharing
aspiration Achieved More than 1 year ago
R.Craig David More than 1 year ago
Thanks for the completely worthless 3 star, 2 letter review that will have no influence good, bad or otherwise on my future works.
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