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Lengthy Poetry

You look at me and what do you see? 
Line after line going down the page.
When you skip them I become filled with rage.
"Poem is too long"
Are your four little words. 
To me they are redundant turds. 
Lengthy, long, large, 
All lists of names you call me. 
You are the tormentors. 
The one children call bullies. 
You may not cause blood to spill, 
But you still are ignorant. 
Have you heard of the Iliad? 
Seen her length. 
Try to weaken her strength. 
She and her brother the Odyssey 
Were made strong. 
Homer didn’t believe that was wrong. 
Now you numbskulls may never love lengthy poetry. 
You’ll miss use the claim of being “Too long” 
You believe in not to prolong. 
What has happened to mankind? 
Skimming and scanning as they please, 
Humankind has become a trapeze. 
Suspended by faulty ropes 
It falls. 
Down to where the faulty net rips. 
Death comes at the speed of a Garden Snail. 
It seems not to care. 
The virtue of arrogance seems to continue.    
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Maggie Huffman More than 1 year ago
i thought you did not overstate your argument at all. turds seems out of place, but then, it fits perfectly as one continues to read. i can see you plucking the weeds from your garden of Graces and tossing them into the trash can with great satisfaction. a serious piece, yet it makes me smile for your courage and zeal. Thank you.
Steven Reader More than 1 year ago
However, to write inspiring poetry i wouldn't use so many invectives. You show the ability to stucture, Rhyme and inspire. without them.
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