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Behind Bars

Frozen behind bars of steel
Trapped with no way out,
The tide is slowly coming in
My heart is being torn out.

If time could only speed up
No, alas, if it just would stay,
With my heart trapped here
I don't know the right way.

Solid bars of steel conceal
My heart as it tears in two,
Why should I have to suffer
In such ways as I do?

I'm stuck for life behind these
Bars made of pure steel,
My heart doesn't want to open
To a world out there that's real.

Behind these bars I shall stand
My love's forgotten how I care,
With memories that chant
'I'll forever and always be there.'

Note: So many couple suffer with the lost love and they decide to grieve instead of continuing on with their lives. It isn't easy. Their love promised, "I'll forever and always be there,'' and next thing you know, they are gone. Broken promises leave broken hearts.
Don't let the bars freeze over your heart. Open it to life and live again.                          
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Roshan Sebastian More than 1 year ago
Very powerful
Taylor Fraser More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this, and hope to see more from you :)
christopher davis jr More than 1 year ago
Powerful words in this poem
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