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Empty Nest

In my house there is a room where only babies
lie. But it is empty now, of a baby's cry.
The pictures are still hanging in the newly
painted room, and the teddy bears need wound
up so they can play their tunes. The blanket
smells so fresh and clean, waiting in the
hall, they wonder where the baby is whose
picture's on the wall. The house it seems so
empty, without the giggles and the coos. It
waits in expectation, hoping she'll come home
with you. First the days, and then the weeks
now months and even years. Still everytime I
think of her, it always brings the tears.
some people think we should forget and put
her things away, that we should start afresh
again, tomorrow's a whole new day. And yes,
its true, tomorrow brings a fresh and bright
new start, but how can I put away, such a big
piece of my heart.
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Gabriela Apostol More than 1 year ago
I really loved it ^_^
Dave Ratcliffe More than 1 year ago
I felt this one Betty
Janice Thomas More than 1 year ago
tomorrow is a new day we can't forget yesterday
Ed C More than 1 year ago
Keep writing
Ofuonyebi 'Dinobi More than 1 year ago
Yousha Matin More than 1 year ago
poignant and near perfect blank verse used quite effectively.
Jawahar Gupta 7 months ago
TRUST, Sure,
1. Everyone is entitled to their opinion about the things they read (or watch, or listen to, or taste, or whatever). They’re also entitled to express them online.
2. Sometimes those opinions will be ones you don’t like.
3. Sometimes those opinions ARE Very Nice.
Ranjit Sinha More than 1 year ago
plain saying . how many brothers and sisters suffer like this . ma God give them strenghth to overcome. kee up.
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