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Numb Pain

The symptoms increasing,
The pain like a spike.
Heavens of amnesia
And numbness.
An eternity of Hades
Seems no longer real.
Vicious circles gather,
Mocking my pain.
Voices are echoes
Which seldom decrease.
A scream, a sob
No longer materialise.
Sensation is deadened.
Emotions abundant,
Yet nothing is felt.
The weight falls
Onto my head.
Madness increasing,
Echoing screams.
A person is lost
To the fear.
Drugged and elated:
Fool to her pride.
The persona is living,
The effigy of reality,
An image of sanity and
Jovial normality.
Only transparent to
Science and medicine.
These medicines swarm.
They are like venomous stings
Of scorpion tails
Which seek to destroy.
It cannot be done.
Diseased and isolate,
Without understanding,
The world begins to fall.
My bare feet slip from the

Life that I know.
Death, the ancient predator
Begins to emerge.
My mood, black as ice
Cannot escape.
Questions are looming,
Deep in my soul.
I move like Casandra,
The weight of the curse
Causes stumbling.
Still nothing seems real.
Reality ran away will sanity,
Like the spoon and the dish
For an innocent being.
Black replaces the fear:
I feel nothing at all.
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Lori Mendoza More than 1 year ago
This makes me feel as if I am witnessing the melting pot of ambivalence, and cannot be certain what taste will develop. I enjoy the words assigned to the inanimate and sometimes confusing emotions of ambivalence. Great work!
Michelle Dixon More than 1 year ago
Thank you.
Ronald Eldridge More than 1 year ago
A soul with agony apparent in the writings. Is the world really this dark? For some it can be. I have seen it in the streets and in the hospitals and on the faces of the sorrowful,suffering, regretful faces of the dying. Only a miracle and a sincere prayer to an all encompassing loving God with a lot of faith can break through this soulful lament and save the victim. The feeling in this poem although dark, is heartfelt.
Michelle Dixon More than 1 year ago
Thanks for your comments.
Tiffany Warren More than 1 year ago
very well put......what we go thru and what we see leads the few to feel nothing. Most choose not to notice what reality has to offer only because it's scary. Not knowing is safer.....so they hope.
Michelle Dixon More than 1 year ago
Thanks for your comments.
Tina-Grace Scowcroft More than 1 year ago
maybe needs some work
Michelle Dixon More than 1 year ago
Hi. Thanks for your comment. I'm always trying to improve so was wondering how you think I could improve on this. Do you have any specific suggestions on what work it needs? Thanks.
Cornell Mack More than 1 year ago
Ben Hancock More than 1 year ago
Liked it
Michelle Dixon More than 1 year ago
Thank you.
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