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Water is life

Water is life
Rainbow colorful but rain could be.
It will be nice which eager to see.
Sky seems colorful but hills could be.
It will be nice which eager to see.
There is combination of vibgyor in rainbow.
Everybody seeks to know.
Nature could create so many.
It seems how funny.
There will be cloud upon the sky.
When there will be friction, it will be rain.
Mankind seeks water to refrain.
Nick name of water is life.
There are no colors of water only white.
Saroj khan[sakha]
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Vincent Kersulec More than 1 year ago
I Love It
Michelle Ortiz More than 1 year ago
That poem cheered me up. :)
ARUN MAZUMDER 12 months ago
well done
Often Honest More than 1 year ago
water forms
Lansing Day More than 1 year ago
The poem opens with a wonderful lead in "water is life", but then the author loses me by the next. and the next, also...now what might "vibygor" suggest...a dripping or leaking pipe? I like "everybody seeks to know"; this standard illumination encourages and spurs me...but alas, i must dream of familiar & watery rainbow elements elsewhere. I do thank Sayoj K. for this transportation... peace all.
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