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Marriage at an end?

Hand in hand on the sand
A paua shell, two wedding bands
our eyes meet
our hearts entwine
one heart and one heart
our love divine
two hearts, two peas in a pod
a marriage, a commitment made
happy at the start, but soon to wander
my love no longer a wonder
bickering, fault finding, dissatisfaction, infatuation,
rule breaker, excuse maker
your love no motivation

I laid my heart at your feet
but you did not care
I adored you, excused you, forgave you
but you took no heed
your eyes wandered elsewhere
it was not I that you need
you gave your intimacy to some other
for you did not care I'm gasping for air

you looked into my eyes
and spoke of love
but deceit and lies spoke your eyes

I was your pearl laying on a beach
but you did not heed your careless feet
you walked all over me
because you could
you didn't even question
if you should

our journey brings us to a desert wasteland
of hurt and sorrow
for you choose to lay
in the arms of another
you spoke sweet nothigs in her ear

my heart cried blood
your heart cried lust
you didn't shed a tear
you shared your manhood
and joined with her
I lay discarded on the burnt wooden floor
a wasted toy
your actions more like a teenage boy

the burning rage of hate begins
his denials just more sin
gasping for air, my heart ripped out
no stoping the vultures
eating me out

I want to die, I do not want to live
this flame is but a mere flicker
I'm in a desert, a drastic place 
our marriage at an end
holding on to a small hope
that somehow we mend
But for now marriage is over
It has come to an end.
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akio yamoto More than 1 year ago
Very heartwarming yet very sad your words and style made it an interesting contrast well done! It was splendid =)
Anna Laurencio More than 1 year ago
well done, keep sharing
Elizabeth C More than 1 year ago
The poem is easily related too by many people
Kasey Boas More than 1 year ago
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