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Ungrateful world

I may be called unfaithful
If I say "world is ungrateful"
"People are unresponsive"
"Despite my being obedient and submissive" 

"Tit for tat" some one advised
Withdraw even if promised
You can't survive in this selfish world
Never show warmth and be cool or cold 

So many sets of arguments were presented 
I had given enough of thoughts but really not consented 
They were to be called irresponsible
Yet very much practical to save you from the troubles

I am not seer or saint here to profess
But certainly happiness comes when you confess
Go to wall and earnestly ask for forgiveness on any mistake
It may be heard and responded to provide you strong intake 

"Sir, can we be of any help to you" how do we feel? 
When someone remembers you and comes for help at will 
I am overwhelmed at their gesture and feel elated
As I am of the conviction that good work always remain related 

People don't forget your noble past 
Even though situation may turn very fast 
You may be put in difficult situation to pull on 
But help certainly comes forward without made known 

Every action has got its equal reaction
It need not be proved for any addition or subtraction 
It is beyond doubt and rules for all the times
Love is paid in same coin even in bad times 

I have said number of times and may reiterate
Don't combine one action with another and relate 
It may help no where and increase bitterness
Let us all work for togetherness and happiness on face
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