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The Wanting Of A Child

Look at the world breaking,
The children of God aching.
They need his love,
Everything he is made of.
\Tears play along a child's eyes,
As God wipes away all the tears and cries.
Let's see and remember,
Our loving defender.
\All the things they go through,
But...know he loves you.
Don't let God fade away,
child you'll be okay.
\Hold on to life,
Even if things cut you like a knife.
See the love of God in me,
wipe away the tears before thee.
\Tears of joy hold down your precious face,
As the bad will wait to erase.
Open up your hand unspoken,
as you fly over the hurt and broken.
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Linda Higdon More than 1 year ago
I Love this poem. Truly from the heart.
yvonne sensing More than 1 year ago
well done
Spencer Schoen More than 1 year ago
im not much to comment on
Drew Horton More than 1 year ago
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