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Christmas Spanking

All I want for christmas
Is a good old fashioned spanking
Please give it to me dear

I love you so much
Come on and tan my butt
Give me a good ol spanking dear

Bend me over your knee
Bare my behind
Give me a good swat
But dont make me cry

Your everything I want
Your everything I need
But on this special day
All I want is your knee 
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George Collett More than 1 year ago
Well penned Poet! Very well penned!
George Collett More than 1 year ago
Please visit http://www.poetry.com/poems/548311-Mind-Your-Own-Business
drkgbalakrishnan kandangath More than 1 year ago
Alan Green 'Guppyman' More than 1 year ago
the poet tells of a souls wish to be spanked
Mark Bell More than 1 year ago
That's me over excited Christmas Day Mum dad didn't understand so use to result to Violent behaviour but I did deserve it Good verse
Vasudha Pulukuri More than 1 year ago
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