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Save Vegetable Kingdom!!!

King Broccoli amassed an army 
In his small vegetable kingdom
To stop the horde of mold spores
That threatened their freedom
They ravished the land
And their mushroom army grew
To stop them from getting out of hand
The King assembled all his troops
There was General Carrot 
And Princess Cauliflower
Prince Asparagus
And other vegetables of power
Dark clouds covered the Sun
From shining over there fields
So they sent in an assasin
From the land of oatmeal
To discover the enemy's plan
They would work with this spy
His reward would be grand
If he found what was wrong with the sky
He set out in the cover of night
And discovered mold multiplied in the dark
So he entered Mushroom camp with a light
Noticing they all shrank back from the spark
His only choice would be 
To burn their land then let it heal
He went back to the King
And told him the whole deal
The King withdrew to his Kingdom
With General Princess and Prince 
A final look back into the ruins
Made him almost hesitate and wince
He sent forth torch bearers
To set the molded land on fire
The Mushrooms grew wearier
Then all of them expired
The King threw a party 
When the sky cleared up
The assassin ate hearty
And was rewarded with much
The Prince reigned in the new land
That was to grow after the burn
The Princess took the assassin's hand
An they danced every turn
She slipped and called him darling
For he had such graceful royal appeal
He annouced he was than Prince Barley
From the Kingdom of Oatmeal
The whole kingdom was surprised
And then the hall exploded with laughter
Prince and Princess looked into the others eyes
And all lived happily ever after
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John Carter More than 1 year ago
Made me laugh. Well done
iriexcellent :) More than 1 year ago
bizarre but cute
Cornell Mack More than 1 year ago
Bambi Bittle More than 1 year ago
i enjoyed this,
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