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Dont Make Her Cry

No matter the words said.
The things she does either.
Forgiveness always the better road.
Dont make her cry.
\No matter the hurt she gives.
Its can always be taken back.
Even when stubborn she loves.
Dont make her cry.
For it doesnt matter in the end.
My fault her fault or neither.
Those things can be forgiven.
Dont make her cry.
Tears shed on the pillow.
The tissue stacked up on the table.
The truth I screwed up.
For I did make her cry.
Hearts break in the distance.
Will ours be next to go.
On my knees I do now pray.
That in the future she dont cry.

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J. G. More than 1 year ago
I am already thinking of a good melody to accompany your work. Good job!
yvonne sensing More than 1 year ago
So well put...your expressions in this poem is remarkable...excellent flow...perfect imagery...well done
Kyle Roberts More than 1 year ago
I felt the sadness in that just like a song.
Cee Joe More than 1 year ago
Its a good poem but I feel like you are trying to say that men must put up to whatever the lady does and not make her cry. Correct me if I'm mistaken
Renee Brown More than 1 year ago
nicely done
Jawahar Gupta More than 1 year ago
This poem really had me thinking
 and to truly understand it,
 You have to understand yourself. Great idealism

~~~~Jawahar Gupta~~~
Michael Rogan More than 1 year ago
Emile Pinet More than 1 year ago
Your poor English could use some work, but the heart felt thoughts behind your words are poetic in nature and make for a good read.
Rania Hosny Abdel Fattah Hassan More than 1 year ago
how great to try to not hurt other's emotions
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