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Losing my mind

Drunk as f***, 
Pushing my luck,
Red frilly underwear,
d*mn girl, no dignity to spare.
Don`t care what you think, 
I`ll rock this look till the brink,
The brink of insanity,
There ain`t no clarity,
In my mind,
Im losing my purpose, i`m blind,
Blind to your conformaties, 
Blind to your society,
This ain`t no rhyme, its two fingers up to your New World Order, 
Google that s***, it ain`t no conspiracy!
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Jon Otano More than 1 year ago
nice poem
Ricky Randall More than 1 year ago
This made me laugh. Humorous and quite poetic. Nice work.
Elliott Knick More than 1 year ago
nice i could feel the crowd gettin rallied haha
Hasmukh Mehta More than 1 year ago
good to read it so happens in old age even you fall in love attachment
Sonia S More than 1 year ago
Cheers!! :
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